Pax West 2019

Working PAX West 2019

Working at PAX West was a blast again this year, two years in a row of good gaming times! This year there was much to see and I don’t believe I saw everything but I did see quite a lot.

One thing that those of you who haven’t worked a PAX or E3 before should know, if you see us at a booth we’re most likely going to be in that same spot…..all week/weekend. Staff members do not get enough time to go around and play all the games or see all the events. I’ve not been to one panel while working PAX West (and this was my second year working). So what do we do all weekend? Well for those of us who are in charge of getting you in to play the game, thats called Demo Crew, and we’re basically facilitate you signing up for a time slot and then ushering you into the gaming area. we do this for 8-9 hours a day, for 4 days straight. On our breaks and lunches we run to get energy drinks or coffee and maybe a bite to eat. But there is good time management, and that allowed me to get in on some gaming!

This isn’t me, but its gaming!

I did want to say that overall presentation and fun-ness scale I feel like 2018 PAX West was better than 2019, but my feelings on that are highly impacted by Xbox not showing up at all in 2019 as well as the exhibitors being more generous in passing out the pinny arcade pins to other exhibitors in 2018. BUT (huge but) I did still collect a large amount of pins this year both through purchasing them and securing some of them.

Here is me with other staff and my 1 of 2 lanyards filled with pins!

I want to do a quick shout out to the awesome cosplayers I saw at PAX West 2019! This is not all of them but some of my favorites of the weekend.

Lastly I want to say that although this weekend was spent working, I still had alot of fun, and honestly that’s what matters in going to these gaming events. Btw, Luigi says hi.

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