OTAFest 2017

OTAFest 2017: Cosplay Highlights/Gallery

Another convention has come and gone and having been to my first OTAfest I wanted to share, as I usually do, the collection of photos from the event! I’ve also met and had the chance to speak with several of these cosplayers, and wanted to share with you all how awesome these people are, along with other things they’ve worked on in the past! Hopefully I’ll have a chance to see you all again at Edmonton Expo later this year!

Aamebell and CuteBeast: Cosplaying as Crowe Altius from Kingsglaive and Lunafreya from Final Fantasy 15, respectively. The costumes and weapon had amazing detail and care put into them, please go check out their other cosplays, such as Azura and Lucina for Aamebell (Facebook and Tumblr) and Aeris, Princess Mononoke and Sailor Moon for CuteBeast (Facebook and Instagram)!

Cosmic Monster and BittyDionysus: Showing up with new outfits of Spike and Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, a favorite among many Anime fans, including myself, I ran into them again a few more times this weekend. Always a great time visiting with these two wonderful people! Most of you probably are more familiar with their other cosplays of Kylo Ren and Rey, or Doom Guy and Cacodemon. Head on over to their Instagram pages (Cosmic Monster \ BittyDionysus) and their Facebook (Cosmic Monster) to check out all their cool previous cosplays, or check them out here for the previous Game Refraction Cosplay from Calgary Expo 2017!

Fantasy’s Soul: It’s not often I see people dressing up as Leliana from the Dragon Age series personally, but Fantasy’s Soul has nailed it out of the park for a first impression. With a wide array of cosplays for characters out of Fire Emblem, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age, she’s sure to have some outfits that’ll spark your interest! Check her out over on Facebook!

@Hope.In.Ashes: Showing off her simple and effective Hanzo gender swap Cosplay, she makes her first appearance in the Game-Refraction album! That tattoo make-up must take awhile to get on there, hopefully it comes off much easier after the con is over! Check out her, seemingly new, Instagram page!

Lynx Point Cosplay: Three cosplaying sisters show up on our Cosplay page once again, this time I managed to catch all three of them together! Cosplaying this time as Kuro, Rin Okumura, and Yukio Okumura from the popular Anime Blue Exorcist. You can also see some of their previous works as Legend of Zelda as Midna, Link, and Shiek, or a line-up of characters from “Haikyu!” and Fairy Tail over on their Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr!

Moonlight Cosplay YYC: Three of the RWBY crew, Weiss, Yang, and Blake from this fantastic trio! Previously I believe I had seen them in a larger group of Dragonball Characters, but missed a picture unfortunately, and they’ve also shown up as Sailor Scouts, and even a mix called the “Saiyan Scouts.” Check out their previous cosplays on their Instagram (@moonlightcosplayyyc_)!

@Queen_Of_Puns: The ever popular ‘sassy lost child’ from One Punch Man was spotted over at OTAfest. Hopefully you can live up to such a boastful Instagram tag, next time I see you I want to be bombarded by puns! Check out some of her other cosplays, such as Speed Of Sound Sonic.

Toaster Kiwi: One of the many artists around the Artist Alley was wandering around as 2B from the recent fan favorite title NieR Automata! While I’m sure she’s happy to be recognized for the cosplay, please check out some of her awesome artwork over on her shop (ToasterShop), or on Deviantart and Instagram or drop her a message on Twitter !


Velocic and Cincinclidae: With trusty stocking sword in hand on Saturday and following the drill that will pierce the heavens on Sunday, Velocic pairs up with friends to enjoy the con! Her sister, Cinclidae, joins her as Yoko from Gurren Lagann on Sunday. They both have some great cosplays to check out on their pages involving Kingdom Hearts and DanganRonpa! (Velocic: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter) (Cinclidae: Instagram)

Adrestia: Appearing from out of Summoner’s Rift, this time as Kindred! Adrestia has cosplays ranging from the God of War, Kratos, to Black Cat from Marvel, to Jinx from League of Legends. I ran into her at Calgary Expo 2017 as Burlesque Poison Ivy and Black Cat, and Edmonton Expo 2016 as Kratos. I felt bad after striking up a brief conversation that she was standing the whole time on some slightly stilted shoes it seemed, I was glad to see you changed to something more comfortable to walk around the convention with later. Please go check out her Facebook and Instagram to see her other awesome cosplays!

Junesweet Cosplay and Clankclunk: With a record breaking fish, cup of noodles, and wrenches in hand, this group is ready for the adventures taking place at the convention. Noctis and Prompto are the duo of JuneSweet Cosplay, while Cindy can be found on Instagram as @clankclunk. JuneSweet have done cosplays for popular games and shows like Life is Strange, Steven Universe, Love Live, and Persona. Aside from Cindy Aurum Clankclunk has represented Team Instinct, as well as some fan favorite anime characters like Mako Mankanshoku, and my personal favorite Ochaco Uraraka from My Hero Academia.

Silver Lining and Devouring Dark: I had a few minutes to talk to this impressive pair of cosplayers, dressed as Lunafreya and Gladiolus from Final Fantasy 15, with an impressive Greatsword and appetizing CupNoodles in hand. I didn’t follow up with the end of the Miss and Mister Otafest, but I hope you both did well! At previous conventions you may have seen them walking around as Yuna with a giant Ifrit, Magneto and Emma Frost, or Mystique. Check them out and follow them on Facebook, Twitter (Silver Lining / Devouring Dark), Instagram, and their website!

It was great to meet some new faces and see some familiar ones once again at OTAfest. It’s always so interesting to see how creative everyone gets with their cosplay. I look forward to seeing everyone at Edmonton Expo in September as well!

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