Edmonton Expo 2017

Edmonton Expo 2017: Cosplay Gallery

Cosplay – a hobby of wearing costumes and accessories to represent a  specific character.

At the Edmonton Expo, dressing up as your favorite character from  media – whether that be movies, comics or video games – was more of  the hype at times than the special media guests themselves. And that  is saying a lot considering William Shatner and Gene Simmons were in  attendance.
It was exciting to see how creative some people could be, I saw  cosplay that was very simple (Halloween costumes), to ones that you  could see that the people spent countless hours making (or at least  dishing out the $ for) all the gear, including dress, wigs, weapons  and makeup, needed to bring life to their character. At times you  would also find groups of people taking cosplay to its extreme by  teaming up with each other to put characters from the same comic  universe or game together, such as the DC characters or the entire  team of Guardians of the Galaxy. It made for some fantastic photo ops.

Cosplay does not discriminate and people of all ages, shapes and sizes  were out rocking their characters with ultimate pride.

It was just a thrill to have an opportunity to run up to people and  snap their picture just to capture the sheer brilliance and creativity  that was to be seen at the expo.


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