Calgary Expo 2017

Calgary Expo 2017: Cosplay Highlights

I ran into many familiar faces again this year in Calgary and wanted to share some of the social media from the Cosplayers that I got to sit and chat with for a bit. Anyone that had a chance to stop and chat, thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time to say hello and talk about your wonderful Cosplay as well! It’s a great chance to get to meet so many creative people, and it’s the highlight of my trips to these conventions. I look forward to meeting some more of you again at Edmonton Expo 2017, and maybe some new faces for the first time!

Adrestia: Back again as Burlesque Poison Ivy on the day I ran into her, and I believe Black Cat on the first day as well! I previously ran into her at Edmonton Expo 2016 as the gender bent god killer, Kratos! You can check out her other great Cosplays over on her Facebook (Adrestia Cosplay) and Instagram (Adrestia).


Jenna_Breanne: Dressed as the Queen of Hearts with her sister as Alice. I was able to stop and have a nice, though brief, chat with them. I hope you were able to navigate the convention with the props without too much trouble! These two friendly sisters can be found on Facebook (Fitz Cosplay), Twitter (Jenna_Breanne_).


JTanooki: First time I’ve seen JTanooki at a convention myself, cosplaying as one of gamings most anticipated animal companions for the last several years, Trico from The Last Guardian. Check out some of her other unique cosplays on her Facebook (JTanooki), Twitter (JTano0ki), and Instagram (JTanooki) pages.

KP Cosplay

KP Cosplay: Making an appearance as Kindred from League of Legends, and even offering a chance at a handmade Kindred mask! Check out her Facebook (KP Cosplays) and for details, or just to check out some of her other epic cosplays like Katarina and, gaming classic, Lara Croft. You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitch, and DeviantArt.


AmandAmazing: These two were letting me know that they were here to help represent AmandAmazing Art. They show off the very cool make-up and body paint capabilities of Amanda Tozser, whose list of various services are a bit too numerous for me to put in here! If you’re interested in seeing more of her amazing work, check out her website (!


Cosmic Monster: Despite seeing them several times over the last year at Edmonton Expo, Red Deer Expo, and last year’s Calgary Expo, I hadn’t yet stopped to chat with these super cool people! You’ve probably seem them wearing Kylo Ren and Rey, Reaper and D.Va, Doom Soldier and Cacodemon with some fantastic accuracy. I actually thought he’d be super warm on that sunny day in the Doom Soldier, until I found out it’s all very light foam and has lots of space to breath. Check out their Facebook (Cosmic Monster Cosplay) and Instagram (Cosmic Monster).

Ellipses Cosplay

Ellipses Cosplay: A trio of cosplayers that started up in Cosplay in the last few years and have made some creative and interesting costumes, as shown by their Totoro and Chu Totoro in the picture. I unfortunately only caught two of them at the time, Erin and Taylor, but hopefully will see all of them again in conventions to come with new and interesting designs! I would have loved to see their Tonberry and Moogle in person! Follow along with them on Facebook (Ellipses Cosplay) and Instagram (EllipsesCosplay).

Boonique Cosplay

Boonique Cosplay: I caught Boonique as Deunan with a Briareos from the Appleseed series. These are some of the most recognizable characters in Anime for me, and couldn’t wait to grab a picture of them. With previous outfits like Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, Haruhi Suzumiya, and a few Disney Princesses, you should go and see what she’s all about on her Facebook (Boonique Cosplay), and Instagram (Emily_Lass).

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