Red Deer Expo 2016

Red Deer Expo 2016: Expo Panel – Nicole Marie Jean

Nicole Marie Jean has been doing cosplay for 5 years and has come to our first Red Deer Expo. She’s known for many of her cross gender cosplays like Bane, Cable, Spiderman, Freddy, and more. She attended the convention as Harley Pool (Harley Quinn dressed as Deadpool) for Saturday and Poison Ivy on Sunday. She was a guest and took part of the following panel full of funny questions, weird answers, and cosplay insight.

Her panel included, but was not limited to:

  • What would she rather fight, 1 Harley Quinn sized duck or 100 duck sized Harley’s?
  • How she deals with sexual harassment in Facebook
  • Thong Song Karaoke
  • Her zoo of pets
  • Cosplay creativity
  • Her biggest fan girl moment at a convention

Enjoy the audio from the panel below!

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