Red Deer Expo 2016

Red Deer Expo 2016: Expo Panel – Helena Mattsson

I had the chance to interview Helena Mattsson earlier in the day and also managed to find time to take in her panel at the Red Deer Expo. Helena is incredibly friendly and a joy to listen to. She has had an impressive list of TV shows that she’s been part of, as well as big movie franchises like Iron Man.

Panels are a great way to get to know the guests at the Expo, take a listen as Helena talks about some of the following:

  • Working with Robert Downey Jr.
  • Working on Two and a half men.
  • Had she ever been starstruck on a movie set?
  • Working on Desperate Housewives as she had been a fan of the show.
  • The celebrity culture in Sweden.
  • Working on American Horror Story.
  • Did she enjoy working in Russia?
  • Being new to touring conventions.


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