Red Deer Expo 2016

Red Deer Expo 2016: Expo Interview – Robert Bailey

We had the great honor of interviewing the talented Robert Bailey. Robert resides in Alberta so his trek to the first ever Red Deer Expo was a short one, with no chances of losing his precious merchandise like when he traveled to Seattle for a convention and his art work didn’t show up until 10 days after the convention had already ended.

Robert’s artwork is one of a kind to say the least, if you have a chance a purchase a piece I am truly envious of you (if only I didn’t have 5 kids to feed, not to mention myself or David).

Robert talked about working with Mr. Lucas, his work with Disney and how he got started.

Robert Bailey is the most friendly person I have ever met. He wanted to be introduced to our entire entourage which included myself, David (video tapping), Jeff (conducting the interview), Kyler (photographing), Jon (friend/assistant for the day *that’s the nice way of saying bag and purse holder), my daughter Nikki (Jr journalist) and her friend Kati (also a Jr journalist). We talked for quite a while once the interview was over and I wish I never turned the recorder off cause there was some amazing moments that followed after. I recommend checking him out at an Expo near you and going up and having a conversation with him – I guarantee you will leave smarter and happier.

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