Red Deer Expo 2016

Red Deer Expo 2016: Expo Interview – Mike Sass

Mike Sass has had an incredible career working on some fantastic video games with Bioware and other big companies. I had the chance to interview Mike at the Red Deer Expo. I’ve enjoyed his work with Bioware and his Hearthstone art is stunning to say the least, and I mean… who wouldn’t want a Cthulhu parrot plushy?

Take a listen to the interview and hear Mike discuss some of the following:

  • Being one of the first Bioware Artists.
  • Starting his career with Bioware.
  • Working on Shattered Steel.
  • Leaving Bioware to freelance.
  • Working on the Hearthstone card game.
  • How he first got into drawing.
  • The amazing Cthulhu parrot.


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