Red Deer Expo 2016

Red Deer Expo 2016: Expo Interview – Kane Hodder

When Stephen from Media Relations told me we had a chance to interview Jason from Friday the 13th (part 7 and up) I was ecstatic! When I first saw Kane Hodder up close and personal to say I felt intimidated would be an understatement, and when I introduced us and gave him my card he went in for a handshake and pulled me forwarded almost making me have a little accident I wondered how this interview was going to go.

After all the intro’s Jeff and Kane settled in to start the interview. Now Jeff may kill me for this but by far the best part of the entire interview is when Jeff started his intro and forgot who is was interviewing – you should have seen Kane’s face (well actually you can by watching the interview below). Jeff took a moment and gathered himself, as Jeff is redoing the intro Kane punches him in the gut – it was absolutely hilarious and probably a moment Jeff will never live down (we harassed him prior to almost every other interview that weekend).

We didn’t ask the typical questions, so give the video interview below a watch and find out how it was for Kane to do motion capturing and lots more.

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