PaxWest 2016

Pax West 2016: Versus Evil Presents ‘Like-A-Boss’ & ‘Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run’

In this exhilarating tactical runner, you choose your favorite character from the series, each with their own strengths and weapons. You’ll have an arsenal at your fingertips – over 40 weapons at your disposal – as you work to fend off the Infected and see how far you can make it through familiar LA landscapes including an abandoned church, a high school, and the local sports arena, site of Operation Cobalt.

Like-A-Boss is an action RPG where you are the epic Boss, crushing heroes as they come to steal your treasures. It presents a different perspective to famous MMORPGs, where you (the Boss) needs to face the constant harassment of heartless heroes. Assist fellow monsters in reclaiming their spawn points, burn hero-controlled cities to the ground, destroy quest givers that dare to put contracts on your head, craft ancient artifacts, join a guild of bosses and much more.

We had a chance to chat with Steve Escalante, the GM of Versus Evil, and he described these new games that are coming out.  Give it a listen, and see how amazing these new games will be.

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