PaxWest 2016

Pax West 2016: Let it Die


I finally had the chance to check out Grasshopper Manufacture’s newest game at Pax West 2016; Let it Die. I spoke with the game’s Director, Shin Hideyuki on the show floor while he demo’d a portion of the game.

What is Let it Die?

letitdieIt’s the year 2026, a large tectonic disturbance occured causing mass destruction around the world. The South Western section of Tokyo split off into the ocean and became an island covered in a deep fog.

Continued activity in the area caused a large spire to rise up out of the ocean and it was so tall that it shot up through the clouds. What is this tower? What mysteries do each floor contain?


You’ll be dropped off in nothing but your underwear and must fight to survive. As you defeat those around you, you’ll earn new weapons and of course, sweet sweet gear.

letdie3When you die in the game, you’ll upload your death data so that other players will see you as another enemy in the game. It’s pretty sweet and I saw it in action. You can also pick either male or female in the game, giving you full control on who you want to play.

While there may be other multiplayer details revealed later on, this was the only mention of any type of multiplayer experience available to us so far.

letitdie2The combat and feel of the game is very much a Grasshopper experience. I’ve enjoyed lots of their prior games; Killer is Dead, Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned, just to name a few.

The enemy types and weapon variety is amazing. I really enjoyed what I saw of the game and can’t wait to jump into the final ultra-violent version soon.

The game is also going to be Free to Play, which will make the game very accessible to get into.

For more details about the game, check out the interview I had with game Director Shin Hideyuki in what was one of my favorite interviews of the show.

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