Edmonton Expo 2016

Edmonton Expo 2016: Stacey Roy Interview


Stacey Roy.

Actor, Director, Creator and Cosplayer.

1455688827Lover of all things nerdy, Stacey Roy co-founded creation house Whabam Media with the intent to channel her various nerdy passions into fun and creative entertainment. From confronting Nightwing as Harley Quinn in the fan film: Nightwing – The Darkest Night, to hosting the Nerdy Bartender series on Youtube, Stacey Roy shows no signs of stopping, and we are all the better for it.

Stacey Roy and her Whabam co-founder Mike Parkerson have crafted quite a few fun fan films since the creation of Whabam Media. She’s come a long way from winning the titles of both Miss Teen Calgary and Miss Teen Red Deer.


She’s acted in and been part of the creation process for a variety of fan films through Whabam Media. Silent Hill, Star Craft, and Overwatch just scratch the surface of what you can expect from Stacey Roy.

staceyroy-starcraftI had the chance to meet up with her at the Edmonton Expo as she was dressed up as Overwatch fan favourite: Tracer. It was no coincidence that she was dressed up as the Overwatch icon as she also portrays the character in her Overwatch fan film: Overwatch Legacy.

Stacey has been cosplaying for just over two years now with it all starting from dressing up as Ghost from Starcraft, for her Starcraft fan film for Whabam Media.

While she’s just getting into the new Rise of the Tomb Raider game, Stacey Roy has a huge love for gaming. You can catch her streaming rounds of Hearthstone on twitch as well as a few rounds of Overwatch, usually as either Tracer or Winston.

Stacey Roy also shares my desire for seeing Blizzard eventually releasing a story campaign for Overwatch, as well as both of us not being too skilled at the game as well, despite our best efforts.

I had a great time chatting with Stacey Roy at this years Edmonton Expo and look forward to seeing what other nerdy creations she comes up with.

Take a look at the trailer for her upcoming fan film; Overwatch Legacy.

Stacey Roy streams via Twitch here, and you can find her on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

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