Edmonton Expo 2016

Edmonton Expo 2016: Spotlight on Stephen Amell


Stephen Amell is unlike a lot of television or film actors in the respect of his deep connection to his fans and his interaction with them. His presence on Facebook is legendary, and his charitable work is visible on half the T-Shirts in his line-up. We had the chance to take in his Spotlight Panel at this years Edmonton Expo.


arrow2The last time that Stephen Amell was in Alberta to see his fans, he was just about to take on the role of Casey Jones in the sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

His panel was full of a lot of great moments like:

  • Filming TMNT 2
  • His role in CW’s Vampire Diaries
  • How good he actually is as Archery
  • Filming his Arrow vs Flash episode
  • His favorite Arrow costume during the first four season
  • How Oliver will react to seeing Earth Two Laurel

arrowI met Stephen Amell when he visited the Calgary Expo last year. He was fantastic to talk to and I briefly chatted with him about Arrow. I had asked him a question he had never been asked before. “Do you beat up a specific stuntman a lot, or is it a different guy each time?” and he replied saying that he usually would beat up fellow Arrow co-star, Colton Haynes’ stuntman, and in one particular episode, he ‘killed’ the same guy twice during filming, via his Arrow character of course.

His work with various charities is well-known, here are just a few of them:

superhero-fight-club-2A few of the times that Stephen Amell has support a charity, he has had shirts made to help fund these. I personally have purchased a F Cancer shirt, his “sinceriously” shirt for Stand for the Silent & Paws and Stripes, as well as his Summerslam shirt for Emily’s House for his time spent working for the WWE for his feud with Stardust.

You can catch Stephen Amell on CW’s Arrow on Wednesday nights. The fifth season premiere’s October 5th, and this season will see not only a crossover with The Flash, but Legend’s of Tomorrow and Supergirl to celebrate his 100th episode.

You can catch a bit of this crossover with their Fight Club 2.0 promo.


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