Edmonton Expo 2016

Edmonton Expo 2016: Picklesbird Interview


While attending the Edmonton Expo this year, I came across a cosplayer by the name of Shelly, or rather the name she tends to go by; Picklesbird.

Check out my interview with her on the show floor at this years Edmonton Expo.

picklesWhen she was 8, she had a pet bird, whom based upon this creative name, was indeed green. Since the name Picklesbird was free on nearly every social media outlet and gaming system, she claimed it.

While Picklesbird has been dabbling in cosplay since she was 12, she started to concentrate on it far more just under 2 years ago. While dressing up mostly within the realm of DC comics, and their respective sirens; Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn, she’s been known to craft costumes for various video games, anime and fantasy heroines.

Picklesbird is an avid comic collector, making sure to pick up her favorite comics each month. While not a huge gamer, she does enjoy Pokemon as well as watching her friends stream games on twitch. Being a fan of Pokemon, she’s attempted to do her fair share of Pokemon Go, but living in a small town doesn’t really help her progress.

pickes2I really enjoyed her Catwoman costume and wish I was able to have seen her Harley Quinn in person. She has a huge love for Catwoman, enjoying the various outfits that the slinky Selina Kyle has worn over the course of many years and many different iterations.

Future outfits for Picklesbird that you can look out for is some Game of Thrones and Sailor Moon. While combining a few found items like goggles for her Catwoman costume, Picklesbird tends to make her own costumes. While enjoying sewing, she’s started to get into using EVA foam and Worbla materials.

You can find more info as well as a huge gallery of her cosplay via her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Enjoy!





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