Edmonton Expo 2016

Edmonton Expo 2016: Natasha May Interview




Natasha May was an absolute pleasure to talk with at this years Edmonton Expo. A huge fan of gaming and all things pop culture, I had the chance to take in an interview, check it out.



rsz_10632310_475393462653719_1830362952_nNatasha May has been doing cosplay for nearly six years now. It all started when she discovered cosplay through a childhood friend, and before the next convention was ready to attend, she already had a costume all ready to go.

With working with materials ranging anywhere from EVA foam, Worbla or Thibra, she’s managed to construct a light up armor shield for her Lillith character from Borderlands or 6 foot wings for her Kayle from League of Legends cosplay. While not being a fan of sewing, she’s really into crafting armor based characters.

Natasha May is a huge fan of gaming, while mostly RPG’s like Fallout and Dragon Age: Inquisition. She’s currently getting a fair amount of play in Warframe, which she admits is a bit outside of her normal genre’s.

While future costumes are unclear, she is bursting with ideas. She’d love to make a costume for Fallout, she just hasn’t decided if it should be from Fallout 3, or the newest entry, Fallout 4.

Do yourself a favor and check her out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.





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