Edmonton Expo 2016

Edmonton Expo 2016: Cosplay Gallery

The Expo has come and gone, and I haven’t seen such a good cosplay turnout in several years. Lots of effort and creativity went into many of the ones I saw this year, and I even got to see a few familiar faces again from previous conventions, as well as meet a few new people.

A few individuals have given me their information to share so you can follow along with their work in the future, or even find out some of the amazing cosplays in their past. If you see a cosplay you like, please head over to that individual’s social media and let them know that Game-Refraction sent you their way!

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Yelaina May – Cosplaying a very classic Hawkgirl with her spiked mace in hand. She does a lot of wonderful cosplays that many will probably recognize like Morrigan from Dragon Age and Yennefer from Witcher 3 to name a couple. WebsitePatreonFacebookInstagramTwitter
Vivid Vision – From the upcoming Final Fantasy XV release, she is cosplaying Cindy. The head mechanic of the Hammer Head station that helps the party along their way. Plus, I’m a fan of anyone that cosplays Saber from the Fate series. Facebook YouTubeInstagramTwitterWorld Cosplay
Shibuya Mariko – Cosplaying one of our favorite anime characters this season, Emilia from Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World. FacebookInstagramWorld CosplayAmino
Lynx Point Cosplay – A trio of cosplayers, where I unfortunately only caught two of at the time, cosplaying Link and Shiek from Legend of Zelda. Check out some of their other costumes like their portal cosplays. FacebookTumblrInstagram
Kerushii Cosplay – Borderlands crowd favorite Tiny Tina was the cosplay I managed to catch at the convention. You may have seen her dressed as Yuna or Elise depending on the day you were at the convention as well. FacebookInstagram
Fighter Cosplay( 1/2) – Got pictures between two days of cosplay for two great characters, Iron Bull from Dragon Age: Inquisition and  FacebookTwitterInstagram
Fighter Cosplay( 2/2) – Got pictures between two days of cosplay for two great characters, Iron Bull from Dragon Age: Inquisition and Brick from the ever-popular Borderlands series. FacebookTwitterInstagram

Adrestia – Though I only saw the final day’s cosplay, she was waging war as the gender-bent Kratos from the God of War series. FacebookInstagram
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