Calgary Expo 2016

Calgary Expo Daily Activities

Thursday – Day 1

After getting our passes and going through our media check in, Jeff and I go around the halls and start looking through the booths. We found ourselves at the WETA booth looking at all the nicely detailed, and expensive, figures first. We spent most of the evening after that visiting the rest of the booths and I did what I enjoy most; take pictures of cosplayers with their awesome outfits. There was a couple that first night with a great Kylo Ren and Ray costume, as well as a pretty cool Briareos from Appleseed. Once we explored around a bit and made a few small purchases, we attended a panel on Conversational Klingon. I’ll admit that I am nowhere near familiar with speaking Klingon and I don’t watch Star Trek, apart from the newer films, but I found that this panel was incredibly educational. It went through proper sentence structures and how Klingon structure is similar to other languages. During the panel, Canada Post had a representative that announced a new set of stamps for Canada, featuring the Klingon Empire. We headed home for the night after that to get some rest for the next day.

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Friday – Day 2

With the second day upon us, Jeff and I head back to the Expo and check in at the media desk. With a full day ahead of us we make our way over to Ryan Stegman, where our first interview awaits. Afterwards we head over to line up for a few signatures from some of the media guests and my first stop is John Barrowman, while Jeff heads to Clark Gregg. With Jeff’s newly acquired signatures on his Arrow and Agents of Shield Blu-rays we continue to explore around the convention in search of great cosplays and cool items, visiting the popular T-Shirt Tower and seeing Geralt and Ciri from The Witcher along the way. I even managed to find a good quality copy of Chrono Cross for $30! We get a message from our media guide letting us know that he got us an interview with a creator guests, Camilla D’Errico and then Zenescope afterwards. From this point, Jeff took in a panel and I split off to go around taking pictures of cosplayers. I had a chance to see a lot of great cosplayers and saw a few enjoyable moments like Jack Sparrow dancing to the Awesome Mix with Starlord while Darth Vader is begging for money and having Flash and The Reverse Flash posing side by side. After a few more small purchases and browsing we leave for the day.

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Saturday – Day 3

We start the Saturday morning off nice and early with a group interview of the cast of Cracked’s After Hours. Although one of them had to leave earlier to host a panel with another media guest, it was overall quite informative of their show and backgrounds. From there we had several more interviews lined up again for the day with Kristian Bruun, Aaron Ashmore and Luke MacFarlane later on, and we attended the Spotlight panels for Karl Urban and John Barrowman. Before we went to the spotlights, we had a chance to go to the panel on Voice Acting and getting started with Brendan Hunter. Having been a Voice Actor for most of his life, he was a great source of information for anyone getting started with the industry, but I personally enjoyed it because he voiced Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter. Apparently Hisoka, the sociopathic, murderous, pedophile magician clown is the character he got the most female fan mail from as well, fun fact. Both the spotlights ended up being hilarious, with Karl Urban giving us great stories and shots at Chris Pine and John Barrowman coming out in a Calgary Expo onesie while flirting with both of the camera men. Unfortunately, our panel was cut short. Fortunately, it was because we had an opportunity to interview Geisha Vi, a long time cosplayer and costume designer and then have a short wait for the Killjoys members. By this point it’s starting to get later in the evening and we’re gearing up to head out for the day. Picking up some more cosplay photos and doing a last minute check in at the media counter for the final day’s interviews before heading home.

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Sunday – Day 4

Today we had a new media representative that immediately got us in contact with Walden Wong and Randy Emberlin, some of the Creator Guests at the Expo that do multiple characters for several different comics. Jeff also got in touch with Vanessa Wedge via Facebook for an interview as well, as he had talked to her at previous conventions a few times but this was our first year as Press being able to interview her. We also had a chance to return later to get an interview with Dan Panosian, who has a lot of involvement with both DC and Marvel characters. He was in the middle of a sketch for another attendee but allowed us to wait until he finished for our interview.  After that we killed some time and got in line for the Voice Actor panel with Nolan North and, right as the line is about to start getting let in, we get called for an interview chance with Charles Martinet. We book it over and find out we also have a chance for a quick interview with Emily Expo before Charles shows up as well! After that lucky break, we get to hear the voice of Mario himself with his great stories of becoming the voices for Wario and Luigi as well. We even got our question answered of whether or not he actually requested a shot at being the Voice Actor for Link as well. We headed back to the Boyce Theatre room to catch the last bit of the Nolan North panel, where he just rambles off with several of his voices he has stored away and answers questions for the audience. Our last act for the day was heading to the Famke Janssen spotlight and hearing a lot of questions answered by Jean Grey/Dark Pheonix herself. It was a very eventful day and we actually managed to get a lot of the interviews we wanted early on in the day, allowing us free time to roam and get shots of cosplayers and costumes.

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