Calgary Expo 2016

Calgary Expo 2016: Expo Interview – Charles Martinet

The 2016 Calgary Expo has come and gone and I had a fantastic opportunity to talk with a great number of talented people, or take in a panel featuring one of the guests the show offered. I’ve recorded the interviews and panels I was able to attend, and if you’ve missed the show or want to know more about these guests that were there, take a listen and enjoy!

The Expo Gods were smiling down upon on me on Sunday as we managed to get an interview with the legend himself, Charles Martinet. As the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario and many more, he has a huge following. A group of fellow members of the press were able to ask a few questions regarding his career, and he didn’t disappoint with any of his answers. He is such a kind man and loved giving his time to each and every one of us. If you are a fan of Nintendo in any respect, you’ll love this interview.

IMAG0831 IMAG0832

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