Twitch Stream Chatbot Commands

Below is a current list of working chatbot commands to be used into the stream chat during any of my streams. This list will change when new commands are added, or old ones will be removed.

Why not give them a try?

General Commands

  • !discord – Gives the Discord Server join Link
  • !youtube – Share’s link to our YouTube Channel
  • !vote <Number> – Register your vote
  • !accountage – Displays the age of your account
  • !chatstats – Displays Twitch Chat Stats
  • !contest – Shows the currently active contest.
  • !giveaway – Show the currently active giveaway.
  • !tip – Displays the tip Website
  • !uptime – Show’s the channels streaming time
  • !watchtime – Displays how long a user has been watching


  • !mp – Displays the amount of currency the user has.
  • !leaderboard – Displays a list of Top users based on points.
  • !followage – Displays the length of time you have followed


  • !heist <amount> – To begin the Heist Mini-Game
  • !duel – Allows viewers to duel with each other for points.
    • !accept – Allows viewers to accept a duel.
    • !deny – Allows viewers to deny a duel.
    • !cancelduel – Allows viewers to cancel the initiated duel.
  • !8ball <question> – Ask questions to eight ball.
  • !slots <points> – Potentially earn extra points from spinning the slot machine

Sound Bytes

  • !gameover – Plays Sound File (Game over man, Game Over)
  • !better – Plays Sound File (That could have been better)
  • !shit – Plays a Sound File (Ah Shit, here we go again)
  • !dare – Plays a Sound File (How Dare You)
  • !fail – Plays a Sound File (Fail/Loser)
  • !win – Plays a Sound File (Win/Cheer)
  • !nope – Plays a Sound File (Nope)
  • !denied – Plays a Sound File (UT Denied)
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