Calgary Expo 2015

The Calgary Expo was my first comic expo I’ve been to.  I’ve been to PAXPrime (Penny Arcade Expo) a few times over the years, which is mostly focused on gaming.  So there was a huge difference in the Calgary expo, since it was mostly about comics and other forms of screen entertainment.  They had a huge lineup of celebrities you could meet.  Some of them were there for a limited amount of time, some where there for the whole weekend, so you can imagine how long some of the autograph lines were on the limited time ones.

I got to shake hands and get a picture taken with Garret Wang (Ensign Kim – Star Trek Voyager), and Tali got to meet Skeet Ulrich (Jericho/Scream), along with Stephen Amell (Green Arrow).  We also managed to snag a few autographs for friends.  There was a huge turnout of cast members from the Walking Dead. Being a big fan of the show I wish I paid more attention to the fact they were going to be there and I would have gotten a few more autographs.

Like PaxPrime, there were a ton of Cos-players there, dressed up in their very best.  a few of them can be seen in the photo’s below.  I love to see the cos-players, they put a lot of effort into their outfits.

Overall I enjoyed the Calgary expo.  We are already planning to attend the Edmonton expo later this year, so I will try to do a more indepth write up on that once we are there.



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