Yamada’s First Time – Laughter, Love and …SEX?!


Yamada has had a dream for years, to sleep with 100 men before she graduates from high school, and with her first day of high school upon her, she can finally set out her dream!

Finding a suitable person to be 1/100 isnt as easy as Yamada had originally planned, even though she is the most popular girl in her school, her personality makes her a little bit much sometimes!

After finally agreeing with herself on the person who is to be her first time, she soon finds that mindless sex isn’t easy, and that a lot of feelings come with intimacy, and that she may be developing feelings for the boy who has fallen in love with her!


This anime is for those looking for some mindless humour and characters that they can grow to love, even if their intentions in the show are a bit crazy!

Licensed by Funimation and recently released on S.A.V.E editions, this anime can be found super cheap on their website or at your local retailers on DVD and Blu-ray combo packs.

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