Utano Prince Sama- Music, Romance and Idols!!


Ever wish you could be a celebrity? Ever wish there was a place you just go study to learn how to be famous and become an instant star? Well that is what Utano Prince Sama is all about!

Haruka Nanami has always had a talent for the piano, and dreams of writing music for people she considers her idol, and sometimes her crush! With outstanding talent, she enters a school full of people who dream the same dreams she does, to make an impact on the music industry. Full of dreamers who wish to sing, who wish to write, who wish to play, this anime covers all the bases of what music can do to peoples hearts.


Nanami soon meets 6 boys who all have dreams of making it big, and after bonds are made with all of them, they all come together to make music that will change the world.

With two seasons of romance and great music, and a third season soon airing in Japan, this anime is for all you out there looking for an aesthetically pleasing, fun filled time!

This anime is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and the first two seasons can be ordered from their website or at your local retailer on DVD or Blu-ray

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