Sword Art Online – Another One For The History Books


Being a video game website, an anime about a video game seems suited right? Well look no further as Sword Art Online, one of the most popular anime’s going around right now is just that.


Imagine a world where one day we could enter the mind of our character. We go to sleep in the real world, and our conscientiousness enters that of the video game. Our hand is the characters hand, we swing the sword for real, we get to upgrade our life and actually see results in an instant. Sounds like a great future right? Wrong.


In Sword Art Online, in day 1 of logging in, the players soon find out they can not log out, and after an assembly with the game maker, he reveals that no one can log out, and that if you die in the game, you will die in real life, and the only way that you can get out alive is to clear all 100 levels of the game, which as you can guess is not an easy feat.


The story follow our swordsman hero Kirito and later on a girl named Asuna, whom soon fall in love and fight for their right to live.

Can our heroes survive all 100 levels and make it out alive? And what happens when fairies enter the world of Alfheim Online and a trapped Asuna has no way of finding her beloved?

With a second season now finished in Japan and soon airing in English dub in March, catching up on this outstanding anime is a must!

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