Sekirei – Big Breasted Battles and Love in the air!


Minato is a normal guy who’s life quickly turns into a very abnormal one. After failing his entrance exams for a third time, soon finds himself a part of what is known as ‘The Sekirei Plan’, a battle that is set out between 108 different Sekirei and their Ashikabi’s (basically their masters) to determine who is the strongest Sekirei there is.

When a Sekirei finds their Ashikabi, they must kiss them in order to emerge, which makes their powers the strongest they can be, so that they can have a chance at winning the game.

With 108 different Sekirei, and 108 different powers, this anime can fulfil a plethora of character types and abilities, such as Water control, Fire control, Plant control, Wind control and with fighting types such as Fist types (excel at fighting with their hands) and Sword types, there is so many possibilities that the creators have gone through to make the best possible battle happen.


When Minato finds himself in the middle of a plan he didnt want to be a part of, and multiple Sekirei’s with wild personalities and more Boobs than he can handle, can Minato find a way to cope with all the chaos he now has in his life?

A great mixture of humour, awesome battle scenes and characters you grow to love, this anime with two seasons; Sekirei and Sekirei Pure Engagement, are something that anyone looking for awesome women fighting their way to the top!

Licensed by Funimation this anime can be bought through their website or at your local retailers.

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