Legend of Korra – The Show That Turned the World Upside Down (Spoilerish and Political)


Avatar: The Last Airbender was and still is one the greatest shows that that has ever come out of Nickelodeon, and its sequel series did not disappoint at all.

Our series follows Avatar Korra, the Avatar born after Avatar Aang, main hero of the original series. She has already mastered 3 of the four element by episode 1 of the first season. But wait, all of Avatar had each season designated to learn an element? What can they do with Korra then? SO much more than the world was ever prepared for.

Book 1 – Air

Avatar Korra moves to Republic City to learn from Avatar Aangs son how to master Airbending, the one element she has never had a natural talent for. Korra is a hot tempered girl and being that Airbending is a calm element, she gets easily frustrated, and soon joins a pro-bending tournament series with our soon to be best friends Mako and Bolin. The brothers help Korra in stopping an equalist revolution, led by an evil mastermind named Amon, who has the ability to take away someone’s bending away, and his journey to make to world a place where non-benders feel equal, no matter how evil the means. This first season is full of action, romance, and plot twists that show how much the world of Avatar continues to thrive.


Book 2 – Spirits

The Spirits are turning evil and attacking to world. It’s up to Avatar Korra to get more in touch with her spiritual side, as being the bridge between the spirit world and human world, maintaining balance, is her job. She looks to her Uncle Unalaq, who has always been in touch with the spirits, to guide her in her journey of finding a way to make to balance of the two worlds come back, and after finding out that her uncle may not have been the best guide, she looks towards her past lives, and eventually going back all the way to the very first Avatar, to find guidance and that the greatest evil the world has ever seen is about to be unleashed by her uncle. Can Korra find a way to stop Unalaq and Vaatu from destroying both the human and spirit worlds, and can Korra make peace with the spirits?


Book 3 – Change

Korra has merged the human and spirit world, allowing the spirits to freely roam the lands, and when a sudden burst of Airbenders start to show up, she realizes her choice to restore balance may have had unexpected consequences. With trying to juggle making the spirits happy, finding all the new Airbenders and making them aware of their new culture, and having to fight of an evil organization called the Red Lotus, a group of people who individually can take down whole armies due to their amazing bending abilities, Korra has to continue to try and bring balance to a world that feels they don’t need her anymore.


Book 4 – Balance

Korra has gone missing, and is fleeing her duties of being the Avatar as her battle with the Red Lotus has left her with emotional and mental scars, and with Kuvira, a member of the Metal Clan, trying to take over the Earth Kingdom by any means necessary, the world soon realizes that Korra is needed to help with their problems, but can Korra overcome her inner demons in order to finally bring balance to the world?

This is the part where I will get major spoilery and political because of the topics I’m about to address, so if you wish to watch the show without ruining anything, don’t read past here.


The reason I titled this as the show that turned the world upside down is because of all the topics they chose to address during this series. Mental Illness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bisexuality, Murder and Suicide, and so many other topics that are big in today’s society, and they tackled them all. They went to places that no other show has gone for the audience it was made for. Having Korra almost killed in multiple occasions, having her think the world didn’t need her, having her have mental flashbacks of all of her attackers making her unable to fight and causing her distress beyond belief, having severe PTSD because of all of her attackers, but being able to work through it do to her duty, her friends, her family, and her loves. In season 1, we see Amon die by murder/suicide, as his brother kills them both by blowing them up. In season 4, we see not 1, but 2 Bisexual people coming together and falling in love, with the characters being Korra and Asami, both women who have dated Mako in the past, but grew to have romantic feelings for eachother (no this is not just in my mind this is canon and the writers of the show have confirmed it), all topics that are huge in today’s society. All topics that need to be addressed, and make people realize that these are serious issues that need to be address to our youth if we have any hope for our future generations to thrive. To live equal. To be in touch with your spiritual sides, and if you don’t have one, accept others for theirs and don’t discriminate against them for it. To accept that change is always going to happen and we need to work together to get through it and accept it. To maintain balance in the world by not messing it up, by not destroying the land, or the cultures, or peoples identities. Literally just went season by season in the messages that our leaders need to be taught so that our world can one day be a world of peace and equality, a place where strong women are a thing to be proud of, and not discriminated against. A place where the LGBTQ community have the ability to not live in shame and accept who they are because so does the rest of the world. A place where the religion isn’t a cause of war, and isn’t something to be ashamed of. A place where our governments aren’t making decisions for themselves but decisions for the masses. A place of Justice. That is what Korra has done to the world. We will not be silenced, and the changes that we need to see happen are going to one day be a reality, because we as human kind will continue to find injustice and continue to fight for the lives that matter, continue to fight for equality amongst all lives. The change is happening.

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