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Anime: Spring 2016 Season

There’s a lot of anime airing this season and it’s really exciting to see. The only downside is that I probably won’t be able to get through every single one of them, but I wanted to share some of the most interesting shows I’ve been watching since the start of the season. This way I can review shows not on this list while still recommending these as some of the greater shows airing this season.

Keep in mind that every show at this point has had up to 3 episodes aired and may shift dramatically during the season, but these are 10 Anime that I’ve been interested in this season:

10. Bungou Stray Dogs – Another show by Studio Bones this season. The Nakajima Atsushi is kicked out of an orphanage and is starving on the streets when he comes across Osamu Dazai, a detective that is trying to solve a case. He’s a little eccentric, but his strict and by-the-books partner tries to keep him in check. As it turns out, their detective agency all has super powers that they use to solve crimes that are out of the pay grade of the police and military, and it turns out that Nakajima has his own power.

9. Big Order – Another show about Super Powers this season. Fairies begin to appear before people and grant them wishes, but only a select few. One of the first people to ever knowingly get a wish granted causes a nearly full destruction of the world. People that have wishes granted are called Orders, and they are heavily tracked and monitored by governments and agencies to prevent a second world collapse. Believing that he caused the world’s near-destruction by wishing for destruction, Eiji Hoshimiya has refused to use his Order until the life of his sister is threatened. His fairy then reminds him that he never wished for the world to be destroyed; like he’s lead himself to believe all this time.

8. Terra Formars: Revenge – I watched the first season of this back a few years ago when it aired, and it followed that George RR Martin or Shakespeare storytelling concept of basically just introducing characters and murdering them almost instantly. You’d think it’s a spoiler, but it’s really not for this show. The show follows off from the previous season where the survivors of the crash of the Annex 1 ship to a terra-formed Mars are there to capture live specimens of the humanoid cockroach enemies that caused a horrible pathogen to spread on Earth. They should hold the key to a vaccine for the disease, as it is incurable with current medicine. The crew for the mission has also gone through an extensive genetic manipulation process to allow their bodies to transform to adapt to certain wildlife from earth, giving them super human qualities.

7. Flying Witch – A simple slice of life story about a girl that moves in with her cousins in a small town. She goes to school, buys groceries, is a witch, gets lost really easily, and is generally very carefree. It’s pretty weird that she gets lost so easily in such a small town, but I’m sure she’ll figure out a way to overcome her directionally challenged personality. Oh, I guess the witch thing is unusual too.

6. Re: Life in a Different World than Zero – A young boy in a sleep deprived state goes to a convenience store for food and ends up in another world. Assuming he was hallucinating he doesn’t believe it at first, then assumes he’s part of some game. After dying in the first episode, he returns to his original starting point in the world and goes back to try to save everyone, but no one is dead. He ends up repeating a single life cycle and time loops back several times before he figures out what’s happening. He is also the only one that knows when everything resets, so he has to use his deaths as an opportunity to prevent tragedies from happening. Hopefully he gets some checkpoints along the way, or that’ll be a difficult game to beat!

5. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – I could make comparisons between this show and Attack on Titan all day long. A strong humanoid force invades one of the few remaining human strongholds by breaking through one of the walls. The enemies are unbeatable save for their one weak point, and humans have developed weapons that allow them to combat this enemy. The main character is heavily driven to fight off the enemy and even gets the affliction that would turn him into the enemy in the first episode. Attack on Titan was made by the same studio, so the similarities can be excused.

4. Macross Delta – I know that Macross is a long running series that I know little about, but I’ve been following this one as it uses a lot of catchy music and fight choreography with its characters. They still continue to have fights with fighter jets that change into partial and full mech suits, but I’ve mostly enjoyed the music and character development.

3.  Kiznaiver – The next show by Studio Trigger who had, most recently, made Kill la Kill. This time around, the protagonist does not feel physical pain. He’s thrown together with a group of other students around his school and forced into a program called Kizuna, which forces them to share each other’s pain. They have to aim to share a strong bond between each other and help test the system to see if everyone sharing pain would help bring peace.

2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable – Another part in the long running line of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. If you’re a fan of the previous series, you’ll be a fan of this show and I don’t even need to tell you that you need to watch this.

1. My Hero Academia – A young boy dreams of being a hero in a world filled with people with Super Powers. Except he doesn’t have one. This show follows his journey to becoming the best super hero. It showcases a lot of people with weird and interesting Quirks that should make it very entertaining, but also feels very real with how heavily discriminated against the protagonist is.

Like I said, this season is filled with dozens of shows that look great. While most lists like this are a scaling of Bad to Good, I mostly wanted to give some positive spotlight on a lot of shows at once. I am more excited for the shows in the #1 through #5 spots the most, but all the shows I’ve listed have been great in their own way.

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