Anime Review: Carnival Phantasm

I’m obviously a fan of the works of Type-Moon and Carnival Phantasm is no exception to the works. The last thing on my list of Type-Moon related works will probably end up being Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, but that’ll be a review for another day.

It’s difficult for me to use my normal ‘At a Glance’ theme for this show because Carnival Phantasm is a mash-up of the Tsukihime and Fate universes. They get jumbled up together and most of the episodes are just a bunch of fan service, and not just the usual kind with bouncing bathing suit scenes but funny parody events as well. The first episode of the series turns the 5th Holy Grail War into a game show where the servants are contestants and play games like Karuta, another episode has Arcueid trying to prepare okonomiyaki for Shiki. Although I think my favorite gag show in the series is an episode where the Holy Grail War is turned into a Grand Prix and everyone gets vehicles randomly chosen by lots. Each show is actually only a few minutes long, but they make continuous jokes throughout the whole series about Lancer always dying in every episode like the South Park’s Kenny.

Carnival Phantasm also plays off several shorter skits based around Arcueid becoming a magical girl, as well as Shiki and Shirou trying to make plans to date all of the girls in their respective series at the same time. On the same day, and even in the same time span. Considering both of the actual series have such a serious plot line, both based around death and murder, the Carnival Phantasm show is nothing but the opposite. Every part of the episodes is comical and silly, from the super colourful and cheerful opening theme, straight through until Saber working in the Ahnenerbe Cafe as a maid with everything going crazy.

Anyone who has followed up with my previous reviews of Type-Moon content should absolutely look into this show as well for a light-hearted, short, and comical series. The only downside is that it’s hard to find legal copies of the series as it had a very short run and was aired before streaming sites like Crunchyroll got a hold of it.

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