Anime: End of Summer Season

The Summer Season is coming to a close and I wanted to give a bit of a wrap up to the shows of the season that held my attention the longest, and which may still be worth a watch that may have left my attention span, but definitely are worth checking out. Only one small spoiler to follow!

My Top Picks of the Season

  • Mob Psycho 100: It was basically an automatic selection for me as the creator of the series, known as One, had started the previous season with One Punch Man. Mob Psycho following a very similar formula introduced us to a shy and awkward kid that was so generic he was nicknamed “Mob.” He possessed extraordinary psychic abilities that stood miles above other people. The flip side of his coin is that whenever he gets too stressed or overwhelmed, he ‘explodes’ and destroys all of his opponents and even the environment around him. The animation style is very crude, but that was part of the reason I enjoyed watching it too.
  • Alderamin on the Sky: Following the steps in Ikta Solork’s journey to become the ‘Lazy Invincible General’ as described in the first episode, he is clearly portrayed through the series as someone that does not fight, but commands his squad brilliantly, though he never wanted to be a soldier to begin with. He relies on his childhood friend Yatorishino Igsem, a hard working girl from a prominent military soldier family, to do his fighting while he leads their squads through difficult combat situations. Ikta is a character that can be seen in many shows, and in my review of the series I mention how I felt like I was watching No Game No Life again. It’s definitely a show that I recommend.
  • Berserk: This show is not for people that hate gore, violence, strong language, or nudity. I’m glad that I took the chance to watch the previous series from nearly 20 years ago. It’s strongly one of the best shows I consider to be adult oriented, in that it doesn’t omit almost any content. The ending to the original series was (Spoilers?) incredibly dark and the new season has picked up right where it left off. The world has gone to hell and everything is horrible. I love every minute of it. It’s also worth mentioning that Koei Tecmo America has announced a ‘Warriors’ style game about the series, check here for some more information!
  • Re:Zero – Starting life in another World: Possibly one of the most highly regarded shows this season for everyone I know personally, as well as seeing pictures and memes of this show on various sites over the internet. Brief Spoiler! It delved into a dark moment in the character’s journey at an unspecified part of the show after being such a strong and upbeat character for so long. You watch him suffer and it humanizes him with us greatly, and we loved Natsuki Subaru for the personality he was given. Now that the season has ended, I can only hope it continues on in the future, but I can also say that I’d be happy if it ended here too. This is the one show that all of my anime loving co-workers always came to talk about each week.

Honorable Mentions

  • DAYS: One of my coworkers recommended this show to me as being an amazing feel-good series, and after watching a few episodes of it, I immediately understood why he enjoyed it so much. I personally don’t enjoy sports shows very much, and the subject matter is mostly about a boy who is horrible at soccer, getting picked on, but learning to play soccer all the same. A game he’s never played before had given him so much joy that he devoted everything he had to it just so he could be good at it.
  • Planetarian: Humanity always screws up. Somehow, some way, we kick ourselves right in the butt. This show may be a result of one of these many instances, but it’s centered around the mysterious abandonment of a robot programmed for running a show at a planetarium, and the mistake of a lone scavenger that wanders into the planetarium looking for supplies. While it seemed a bit too short, running only 5 episodes long with 14-24 minute episodes, it was still an enjoyable series this season.
  • Sweetness and Lightning: Simply adorable. This show wasn’t anything more than an enjoyable show about a father learning to cook so he can properly take care of his young daughter. There’s a few smaller notes through the season where the interactions with the characters show more meaning, but it’s a show that oddly kept me interested week after week because it was a relaxing and good feeling show to watch.
  • New Game!: The cute side of game development and, I’m sure, not entirely true. The fresh-out-of-high-school Aoba Suzukaze gets a full time position at a game development company and takes it a week at a time, learning the stress of development deadlines and character design one step at a time. It has some questionable NSFW sort of cliché moments that anime are known for these days, but aside from that it’s a pretty safe show for most audiences to watch.

Anticipated Fall Season Line-up

Briefly wanted to list a few Anime I’ll start with in the fall line up, but when everything starts to air I’ll probably find several other shows to list up here as well.

  • Ajin Season 2: A Netflix original that delivers on being amazing. I only have two reasons to watch Netflix these days, and they are Marvel and Ajin. The first season was a straight up binge-watch the moment I found out about it.
  • Monster Hunter Stories: I enjoy the Monster Hunter games, so it’ll be great to see a different take on the series, unrestricted by a controller input. I may not put several thousands of hours into playing them like many others, but it’s still one of the best series ported over to North America.
  • Touken Ranbu – Hanamaru: Samurai that protect time by bringing swords to life. Good enough for me to at least give it a shot.
  • Time Bokan 24: More Time Travel, looks very silly. A young pair of kids try to find the True history of the world as they’ve found that the history we know is wrong.
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