Anime at a Glance: Snow White with the Red Hair

In a small part of the town in the Kingdom of Tanbarun is a Herbalist shop where Shirayuki works and treats people throughout the town, and catches the attention of anyone that meets her due to her unusually red hair. Eventually Prince Raj decides he is bored of his current concubines and asks one of his advisors if he knows of any attractive women. He is told of Shirayuki with her uniquely red hair and Raj decides in that moment he must posses Shirayuki because of her bright red hair and sends someone out to her. Shirayuki is closing up the shop when a guard from the castle stops by and informs her that she’ll be taken to the castle to become a concubine the next day, and to prepare for her new life. In an act of defiance, Shirayuki cuts the length off from her hair and ties it up so the Prince can have the hair he’s after so desperately and takes off. She sets out from Tanbarun and makes her way through the mountains when she comes across a cottage and she meets a young man by the name of Zen, and his two friends Mitsuhide and Kiki. Zen finds a basket of apples delivered to the cottage and warns her to not eat them as the apples are poisoned. One of the guards from Tanbarun arrives and threatens Shirayuki to go back to become a concubine or else Zen will die from the poison.

Upon arriving back in Tanbarun, the Prince tells her that she’ll have the antidote to the poison delivered to the cottage when she becomes his servant, and not a moment earlier, when Zen barges in with his friends. Prince Raj starts to talk down to Zen when he decides to properly introduce himself as the second prince of the neighboring Kingdom of Clarines. After finding this out, he threatens Raj to never go near Shirayuki again or else he’ll let it be known that he poisoned a neighboring country’s Prince and caused a political conflict between their Kingdoms. When they are clear of Prince Raj, Zen offers Shirayuki to join them in heading back to Clarines as he’ll allow her to stay in Clarines to start a new life. As she enjoys working as a herbalist and is very knowledgeable, she finds that she can try to become a Court Herbalist in Clarines where she can learn about all sorts of new plants, new ways to cure various ailments, and has access to more patients to help.

As the story unfolds, Zen and Shirayuki become pretty much inseparable. While the beginning of the story felt very much like a different interpretation of Snow White, with the poisoned apple happening very quickly, and with a Prince being captivated of her hair rather like a jealous queen trying to harm her for her beauty, the comparison typically stops there. This doesn’t actually diminish the quality of the show because it makes up its own story after bringing you in from a familiar setting, and then bringing you into a different type of world. The entire plot does focus around the romance that grows between them and focuses on a lot of political drama rather than trying to be a comedic series like most other parody anime would be. I personally didn’t find the show to excel in any area of quality, but it’s one of the better shows that held my interest last season and if you enjoy a good Slice of Life with Romance, I do suggest giving it a chance. It’s a very family friendly show and doesn’t have any ‘fan service’ either if you’re looking for a break from anime that has a lot of scantily clad females or cameras always being at odd angles.

It is another show brought to us by the Bones animation studio and licensed by Funimation for North America.

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