Anime at a Glance: She and Her Cat

Daru spends every day alone at home, lazing around and eating while waiting for her to come home. His absolute favorite time is the time he gets to spend with her, and even though he doesn’t understand the words she speaks he still enjoys it. After all, Daru is just a cat, and she is the most important person in the world. She spends each day going to the world beyond the heavy door and coming back exhausted when it’s dark outside. She is trying very hard to learn to love that world instead of staying home.

She and Her Cat is a short anime that focuses around a girl, only referred to as ‘She’ and ‘Her’, in the perspective of her cat. Don’t you ever wonder what your pet thinks of you? What goes through their mind when you look at them and talk to them? While She may never know that either, at least we get to see what Daru thinks of Her in these short episodes. The story in the first few episodes hasn’t been incredibly complex, but it’s a ‘slice of life’ type of show about exactly what it presents itself as.  She goes out for job interviews and she argues with her mother about not moving back home. She spends her mornings making their food and comes home later that night completely beaten from the day. For a few minutes of your time, it reminds you about how simple a good Anime can be without showing you anything beyond what it’s like to grow up with a pet.

It’s over on Crunchyroll if you wanted to take a look and the studio making the show is Liden Films.

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