Anime at a Glance: Seraph of the End

In 2012 the world came to an end for the human race, or close enough at least. A plague had spread throughout the planet and wiped out nearly the entire population, but didn’t affect children under the age of 13. Using this as an opportunity to make claim to the earth, vampires appeared from hiding and brought with them creatures out of nightmares. During their swift overtaking of the planet, they capture and claim many of the surviving children and take them back underground to their cities and offer them protection in exchange for allowing them to siphon their blood like cattle.

This is the only life that Yuichiro and his friend, Mikaela, have ever known. It’s intolerable to live like livestock for a race of creatures that are as condescending and arrogant as vampires. Yuichiro cannot stand how the vampires oppress him and his friends at the orphanage where he lives. Mikaela keeps Yuichiro in line long enough to get items from the home of a noble vampire that has taken a liking to the taste of Mikaela’s blood, including a map to the exit and a gun for defense. During the night they all make a break for the exit to make a better life for themselves on the surface, or at least finally be killed by the monsters outside. They get stopped by the same vampire noble just short of freedom. He had laid out the map with the route to the exit time and time again for little human children to get their hopes up and attempt to escape so he had a reason to kill them all. Yuichiro takes the gun and manages to get close enough to shoot the vampire, but not before the vampire kills everyone else. As Mikaela lies dying on the ground, he yells at Yuichiro to get away or their attempt will entirely be in vain. Once he gets away, the Noble Vampire, Ferid Bathory, gets back up and recovers from the gunshot wound, allowing Yuichiro to escape.

Upon being free in the outside world, Yuichiro finds out that the human race still populates the surface, though the population has been decimated by the plague. Driven in his hatred of the vampires and all they stand for, he joins an academy that teaches and trains kids to fight and stand against the vampires and creatures unleashed on the world. Once they pass an exam and graduate from the training program a select few are selected to claim Demon Weapons, which have properties that allow humans to kill vampires. Acquiring a Demon Weapon in itself is another test wherein the applicant would risk their life however, as the weapon itself is part of a demon and attempts to take control of the one who touches it. Yuichiro gets his chance, with a few new allies in his military company, to take control of a demon weapon by the name of Asuramaru. If he can win over the demon, he can use this new weapon to finally exact his revenge on all the vampires of the world, and reclaim the earth for humanity.

Since the next season of this series is coming up, I thought it’d be good to check out the first one. Humans using demon weapons to kill vampires just sounds pretty cool to me. It has a lot of your common anime stereotypes in plot and characters, even an incredibly predictable end to the first season, but I still enjoyed the show up until the end of the first season. The fights were pretty well done, it didn’t stop for seemingly needless exposition every two seconds and you could keep up with it pretty well. It didn’t completely steal my attention the moment an episode started like some other shows, but I do recommend taking a look at it.

The show was also good enough for the producers and studio to develop a second season, so give the first season a try over on Funimation’s page here. They even have a dubbed version available for people that aren’t fond of reading subtitles. As another note, the studio that made the show was also the studio that made Attack on Titan’s anime adaptation, so that should give you an idea of the quality of animation for the show.

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