Anime at a Glance: Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Braves of the Six Flowers_02Every couple hundred years the Demon God awakens in this world and the fiends spawn endless hordes of monsters in an attempt to take over the world and wipe out humanity. The Goddess of Fate, in these times of needs, chooses 6 of the strongest people in the world to help defend against the great evil, and marks them with a flower symbol representing the 6 braves. They all band together to defeat the King for another several hundred years. Signs begin to show of the Demon King resurrecting again and one of the Kingdoms is holding a tournament in their capital under faith that the Goddess is watching so one of their strongest warriors can be selected as one of the Braves. The warriors are about to start their fight when our protagonist bursts onto the scene, “I am the strongest man in the world, Adlet Myer!” interrupting the tournament to prove that he alone is the strongest man in the world by challenging both of them at once, by himself. In not a show of not just strength, but intelligence, he manipulates his opponents with tricks and gadgets to disarm and debilitate his opponents temporarily, forcing them to withdraw with non-lethal measures. Too bad everyone else felt this was more of a disturbance than a show of faith, as the king locks him in the dungeon, potentially awaiting execution for interrupting such an important match.

As the days draw closer to the demon king’s resurrection the Goddess of Fate intervenes and marks her 6 braves again, and inrokka-pic2 his cell in the middle of the night, Adlet Myer is chosen to help defeat the Demon King. He gets broken out of the cell by the Princess, who is a Saint of Blades, and was also spectating at the tournament. She was also marked and chosen by the Goddess to be a Brave and they escape to go and start their destiny by meeting up with the other 4 Braves. Along the way they run into Goldov, a warrior under the Princess’ command, who was also marked and continues on, and Flamie, marked by the goddess but also known as the Brave Killer. After a few brief arguments and exchanges of combat, they all go along to the temple that stands at the edge of continent that connects them to the demon realm, to activate the defense against the demons and meet up with the last two Braves.

Braves of the Six Flowers_03This series just finished for the season but I enjoyed it so far and hope they continue on with it again for another season. Adlet Myer’s constant positive attitude and proclaiming himself as being the strongest man in the world kind of adds a bit of comedy to a show that is otherwise fairly serious. The show sometimes feels like it’s slow moving as time doesn’t rapidly progress for most of the show, but the combat animation and choreography are well done and the story kept me engaged often enough that I was left wondering where the time went as the episode starts rolling the end credits. As the show is in the fantasy setting it deals mostly with swords and magic, with Adlet learning the sciences and making bombs and traps, but many of the Braves are labeled as being Saints. Saints are people that having been granted powers relating to a god that has chosen them, and with the show stating there is roughly 80 Saints, that leaves a lot of interesting powers and characters left to be discovered if the series gets continued on.

It was produced by animation studio Passione which doesn’t seem have more than one other show under it’s name, but the quality of the show is excellent despite it’s lack of previous productions. It can be watched in full so far at Crunchyroll.

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