Anime at a Glance: One Punch Man

Cities are getting destroyed, heroes are being killed, nothing can stop this monster on a rampage. The government is sendingOPM more heroes and airstrikes have no effect. The heroes lie dead at the monsters feet when our protagonist decides to step in. The monster gets confronted by the bald, goofy looking protagonist. It proclaims that he was created by Mother Nature to exterminate the human race, as it was a plague on the world and humans should be exterminated for the world to go back to a natural state. The protagonist attacks the monster and it explodes instantly, the only problem is that, it only took one punch. He’s just a hero for fun, but he trained so hard that everything he fights dies from a single punch now. He still wakes up from day to day going about his life getting groceries, shopping, sleeping in and watching TV, but no longer finds any thrill in fighting evil.

I had to watch One Punch Man because it sounded really silly just by name alone that it caught my attention. The first couple of episodes have given me a good laugh and keeps me entertained. It’s a show that doesn’t try to be too serious as they make OnePunchMan_02Saitama, the protagonist, look like such a bald goofball. He usually ignores everything going on around him or makes light of any situation he’s in before he does what everyone knows what he’ll do, punch the enemy a single time to win.

Another one of my huge draws to this show after I saw the first episode was that it is being made by Studio Madhouse, who also made the recent Hunter x Hunter series, among many other popular animes. I tend to latch onto Madhouse shows because they do some excellent combat animation, when working from the manga they follow their story truly, and they always seem to have great voice actors that perfectly fit their needs for characters.

All in all, I’m going to keep watching One Punch Man this season through to the end, I definitely recommend it so far for everyone else that just wants to watch a silly show for a good laugh. You can watch it on

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