Anime at a Glance: My Hero Academia

“All men are not created equal.”

Everyone has their own quirks and traits, but after the first outbreak of super powers it has never been more true. After awhile the powers simply became known as Quirks, and 80% of the population eventually had them. Superhero became a profession paid by the government as crime rates skyrocketed because villains also had Quirks. The days spent dreaming of becoming a superhero were finally here.

Unfortunately, Izuku Midoriya is a Quirkless.

At age 4, Izuku has realized that not all men were created equally when he tried to help defend a friend against some bullies who all used their Quirks to beat him up. He spends his entire youth dreaming of being just like All Might, the greatest superhero alive. A hero that “saves people with a fearless smile.” He spends all day watching videos of All Might rescuing people and wanting to be just like him. Then the doctors tell him and his mother that he was born Quirkless and should just give up trying to be a hero. After all, what chance could he ever have to be a hero when he doesn’t even have a Quirk?

That changes when he has the chance to meet All Might and finds out the dirty little secret, All Might is actually a scrawny guy with a special super power. But due to an injury sustained during a fight, he can’t maintain his power for longer than a few hours a day. All Might tells him to never reveal this information because he is a symbol of justice and good in the world. If the greatest symbol has weakness and can’t smile in the face of danger, it would discourage everyone else in the world to fight back against evil.

He then tells Izuku that without a Quirk, he can never be a hero. There’s a lot of respectable jobs, like being a Police Office, but he cannot be a hero. They both see an explosion. All Might goes towards it, and Izuku heads the other way.

The explosion was caused by the villain that got away from All Might before encountering Izuku and engulfs Izuku’s childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugo. The enemy is made from Sewage and attempts to utilize Katsuki’s Quirk of Explosions against everyone. Izuku absent-mindedly heads towards the explosions and sees the pain Katsuki is in.

In that moment, Izuku starts to charge in to try and save his friend, when he has no hope of fighting or surviving. Katsuki yells at him for being so reckless and asks why he did something so stupid. He smiles, in tears of fear and replies, “You looked like you were calling for help.”

Most children have probably had a dream at some point or another to be a super hero, or at least to be someone’s hero in their life. This show draws upon that emotion inside of us and puts it into Izuku with how much passion he has to become a super hero. It’s one of the best shows I’ve seen this season and really hits you with ‘them feels’ when everyone starts to tell him that he will never be able to become a hero.

As inspirational as it can be, the show hits pretty hard in the beginning with a tough note; discrimination. It shows you a direct link that people that are part of a minority are looked down upon and bullied. You don’t have a Quirk? You’re worthless, give up and go do something normal with yourself. You don’t belong with us. It’s a tragedy no matter how you look at it but, like Izuku, you can overcome that adversity and work towards an impossible goal. Sometimes you’re the one that needs to stand up for yourself and you may get rewarded for doing the right thing, even if you’re not the one that is best suited for the task.

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