Anime at a Glance: Mob Psycho 100

Special powers exist in a few people throughout the world that allow them to see ghosts and monsters; these people Mob Psycho 01are known as Espers. Kageyama Shigeo is an Esper with extraordinary abilities, but doesn’t fully comprehend how powerful he is despite only being in middle school. He has also earned the nickname Mob for how easy-going and boring his personality is, as well as his average appearance. He works under a self proclaimed psychic, Reigen Arataka, who runs a very shady business trying to exorcise ghosts and spirits from people’s lives while constantly putting fear into the people he deals with to get them to pay up. When he actually encounters real spirits he can’t deal with, he calls Mob to come and help him out while paying him almost nothing. He also leads Mob to believe that he’s incredibly weak by comparison to himself.

One day Reigen receives information that there’s a spirit in a tunnel where people had taken a test of courage, and asks Mob to come along as there may actually be spirits there due to previous accidents in the tunnel. While exploring inside the tunnel several spirits begin to surround them and Reigen claims to let Mob take the lesser spirits and ends up running into the boss spirit. Figuring out that Reigen is actually a complete fraud, he aims to kill him before being stopped by Mob as well.

mob-psycho-02Before completely destroying the boss of the spirits, he stops to let the spirit explain their actions and finds out a stronger presence exists that has lived in the mountain for hundreds of years and causes all of the fatalities within. He warns Mob to turn back or he’ll surely perish from the overwhelming strength the greater spirit possesses, only to see Mob destroy the spirit as though he’s insignificant.

As Mob goes through his life, his stress level gradually raises, and if he hits 100 he will explode and destroy everything around him.

Anyone that has seen and enjoyed One Punch Man should definitely check out Mob Psycho 100 since they share a creator. There are several similarities that exist between Saitama and Mob as well, mostly in the way the characters are designed. They’re both omnipotent characters within their fields of strength and seem to have an apathetic approach to various occurrences around them. Though while Saitama plays Master to Genos, Mob is tricked into being another person’s student and gets used by them.

mob-psycho-03 mob-psycho-04

I’m looking forward to the rest of the series to see what the direction of the show ends up taking, especially since everything in the show has also been given silly references or names. The school that Mob attends is simply called “Salt Middle School” and even the name of the show alludes to several different aspects of the character. Pronunciation of the English words Mob and Psycho can be seen as translations in Japanese as a “lack of presence” when talking about Mob and “saiko” roughly meaning “The Best.” There is also a lot more use of bright colours through the show, or even a contrast of colours in certain scenes that adds a bit of flair to the fairly rough style of animation in the show, which can be seen in parts of the opening sequence to the show as well.

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