Anime at a Glance: Magical Girl Raising Project

The only logical conclusion to this anime is that someone, somewhere thought, “Hellsing and Madoka. That’d make a good anime.”

Magical Girls have been sighted all around the city lately, performing good deeds whether small or large. Saving people from bus accidents and rescuing kittens from trees, no task is unimportant for them. No one can really recall such fantastic events or people, and pictures are always very distorted, so it’s something of an urban legend. For Koyumi Himekawa it would be a dream come true to become a magical girl, though she wouldn’t admit that to her friends, who point out the rumors and news posts of the magical girl appearances. They all write them off as some sort of marketing ploy by adults to keep the Magical Girl Raising Project game popular. In elementary school Koyumi had a friend who had a similar interest with Magical girls, though being a boy he couldn’t come out and talk about it with anyone else out of embarrassment of ridicule. One night after finishing a battle on her game, she goes to exit when an event pop up introducing Fav, the mascot of the game, and declaring she has been chosen to be a magical girl in real life.

With the tap of her screen, she turns into a magical girl for the first time. The following day her friends discuss the topic of magical girls in the news again and quickly dismiss it in favor of getting some burgers to eat instead. Koyumi excuses herself and rushes off to transform and start helping people right after school. With no task too small, she starts helping people rescue kittens, elderly go up stairs, and even helping little girls find their house keys. Every task completed earns magical candies, a sort of scoring method for every magical girl. Every girl has a power that is unique to them, with Koyumi’s being the ability to hear the voices of people in need, making it remarkably easy for her to find and help people. All magical girls can get in contact with one another using their Magical Phones, and Koyumis is contacted immediately after finding out about others and being in a chatroom with all of them for the first time. She meets up the following night with another girl wishing to teach her how they all get along as magical girls. As it turns out, the magical girl La Pucelle, is the same boy she went to elementary school with, Kishibe Souta. Deciding to team up as a pair, they end off their first night and head home to an important message from Fav.

The number of magical girls needs to be reduced by half.

The anime’s first episode starts off with a brief view of corpses of what is presumed to be many magical girls, with a solitary girl standing in the middle, attacked by a monster. Followed by a cheery and fun opening sequence. It seemed at first like this show was trying to throw me into two different mind sets. I don’t usually partake in the Magical Girl shows as they tend to be somewhat childish, but I’ve ventured into the territory a few times for some highly acclaimed anime, like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and some that were related to my favorite series, Fate\Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. Magical Girl Raising Project seems more like Madoka than Illya after seeing the first episode. The mascot is reminiscent of the bear from Danganronpa as it is split in the middle with both black and white sides, representing both good and evil. Starting with a gory opening scene, then ending with a conflict on the first episode of having to halve the number of magical girls in the city. Since many of the Magical Girls seeming to have adopted a fairly adult competitive nature, it may turn into a bloodbath for survival after taking into account the opening scene. I feel like it won’t be too long before the Magical Girls start to kill each other to lessen the competition for who can stay in the running as a Magical Girl for a bit longer, and the one to lead that charge may be Calamity Mary, since she’s painted as the rebel of the bunch. For those of us that don’t read manga, we’ll have to wait and see how long before this show turns more Hellsing than Madoka.

The show can be seen each week on Crunchyroll on Saturdays here in North America.

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