Anime at a Glance: KonoSuba (God’s Blessing in this Wonderful World)

KonoSuba_04After spending 3 days straight playing games and reading manga, Satou Kazuma realized that he has to venture out into the world to pick up a new release collector’s edition of a game. After a long trip involving several buses into the city and back he has returned to his quiet little town with the spoils of his journey in hand. Even in his sleep deprived state he notices a truck driver not paying attention at the wheel as a young girl he passed by is crossing the street and he dives back to help push her out of the way and save her.

In the next moment Kazuma finds himself in a dark area with only two chairs. A beautiful girl approaches him from behind and introduces herself as the Goddess Aqua. She then announces to him that he has passed away and he was now in the afterlife.  “How is the girl?” is the first question Kazuma asks, and Aqua tells him, “Oh, she’s fine.” He relaxes for a moment in relief that his death wasn’t completely a waste then. Aqua, upon hearing of his relief, mentions that the girl would have been okay even if he had done nothing. The tractor driver would have seen her and stopped, they both would have continued on their lives. After hearing of his colossal assumption after not sleeping for several days and then hearing of his embarrassing death, Aqua gives Kazuma two choices. His first choice is that he can be reborn to live a new life, second choice is that he can immediately enter heaven. Aqua does offer some words of discouragement to heaven as an option and then goes into detail explaining that the other world is in dire need of help. A brief description for Kazuma was that he would be reborn as an adventurer with all the knowledge of from his life and would be granted any one thing of his choosing to help him save the world from the Demon King. Basically a world that is much like an RPG from earth and that he would experience an adventure.KonoSuba_02

While trying to decide on some equipment, Aqua decides to pick on him again for being a shut-in gamer and that he’s taking awhile to decide and that his choice doesn’t matter. After taking a bit of abuse from Aqua, Kazuma makes his choice. “Fine, then I’ll take you.” While paying half attention to what he said, she readies the reincarnation and then picks up what he said a second later. Another goddess appears and states to them both that what he asked is actually completely acceptable and begins to reincarnate Aqua as well.

As they begin in the town they find some rough beginnings as Aqua actually knows nothing about this new world despite being a goddess, and Kazuma is discovering that this world isn’t actually tailoring to being a grand adventure for him. It’s simply a world designed in a way that seems to be like an RPG and everyone has the same goal as him. In fact, because Aqua is a goddess she technically starts off with better stats and class options than he does. They quickly come across a few allies to help them in their journey and discover, just as quickly, that their new konosuba-23companions are just as worthless or unskilled as either of them. The Arch-Wizard Megumin that is obsessed with Explosion type magic and has spent all of her training points into a single extremely powerful spell that can only be cast once a day, leaving her completely exhausted and defenseless afterwards. Followed by the Holy Crusader Darkness. a tank who possesses great offensive and defensive capability, but fails to accurately land a single attack ever. Beyond that, Darkness is also a complete masochist and pervert who gets thrilled at being attacked by enemies but is obsessed with protecting her allies.

Will Kazuma lead his party to victory against the Demon King, or will they all be the death of him?

KonoSuba started out seeming like an almost serious Sword Art Online style of show for the season but almost KonoSuba_01immediately dissipated that belief leading into satire from the first few minutes of the first episode. Every day seems to be a bit of a struggle for Kazuma adjusting to the new world trying to use some of his previous knowledge to advance his group, but they always seem to take 2 steps forwards and 3 steps back. There are a few semi-adult themes and awkward moments in the show, mostly with Darkness, to be a little wary of, but nothing completely obscene so far. If nothing else, the show has been enough of a source of entertainment for me to continue watching it just to get a good laugh each week.

If you’re interested in checking out the show, you can find it on Crunchyroll here.

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