Anime at a Glance: K

Yashiro Isana leads a simple life in high school. He always seems to have friends, doesn’t like to do any work, and doesn’t really have a care in the world. As he manages to skip class one day and get tasked with picking up fireworks for the school festival, he ends up going through the city and gets attacked by a guy on a skateboard. Then someone on a motorbike joins in and they attack him with a sort of red flame. As this happens he gets rescued and pulled away by Kuroh Yatogami, who tells him that he believes Yashiro is the new Colourless King. The upside is that Kuroh also mentions that he served the previous Colourless King, but he was also instructed by the previous King to kill the new king if it turned out that he was evil. After having a video suddenly air throughout the city showing him murdering someone, things weren’t looking good. The person he killed also belonged to the Kclan of the Red King, and their clansmen are angry and they want Yashiro now as well.

In the midst of all the commotion, Yashiro finds a way to escape the Red Clan but still has Kuroh close behind him. He knew nothing of Kings and Clans before, so why is all of this happening to him now?

Despite having only a single letter for a name, I found myself drawn into this show pretty quickly. Kings are granted great powers, and are capable of sharing that power with people they choose to be their clansmen. There are several colours representing the Kings, such as Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, and Colourless. The show has a couple of nice developments in story, character development, and grows to explain why the Kings get their power. It does tend to jump between a couple sets of characters at a time and the cast of characters is fairly large despite the short 12 episode season, however they have a lot of supporting characters and few central characters in each clan, so k missing king 01it’s not overwhelming. While the story does stay centered mostly around Yashiro, most of the first episode actually has some confrontations between a few of the Kings instead. As an interesting side note, every episode is named using the letter K.

The studio behind K is GoHands and is licensed in North American by Viz Media. The original series behind K was originally aired in 2012, but it came out with a movie in 2014 entitled K: Missing Kings, and currently is airing another season labeled K: Return of Kings. I do recommend if you start watching the series to start from the first season as the plot is continued in the movie and then the current season. Although there is a fair bit of ‘fan service’ starting in the end of show credits and then in the second episode, it tones down a bit afterwards.

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