Anime at a Glance: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

Jotaro Kujo heads into a small country town looking for the household of Higashikata. He bumps into a first year student at the nearby school and ask for directions when several other bullies start picking on a student with an unusual hairstyle trying to approach a small turtle. They insult him, slap him, and even injure the turtle all while asking him to undress. He doesn’t really seem to mind everything and even apologizes to all of them; until they comment on his hair. He is sporting a fairly prominent pompadour after all, but something inside him snaps. Barely any sooner than they insult him, he draws out the Stand inside of him and uses it to smash one of their faces in. After this attack, the bully is sure to need to a trip to the hospital, except the turtle is now fine, and they watch as the bully’s face forms back slightly differently to give him a pig nose. He then introduces himself as Josuke Higashikata, the person that Jotaro is looking for.

Jotaro immediately starts to explain why he’s looking for him. Josuke is actually the lovechild of Joseph Joestar having an affair after 62 years of marriage. He was raised apart from the Joestar family in Morioh, Japan for his whole life, but as Joseph Joestar is doing up his will, his inheritance must be fairly divided between his children, and Jotaro had the task of tracking him down.

After being able to explain the situation, he also warned Josuke that he possessed a Stand, a physical form of his psychological energies. Everyone who possesses a Stand also has a unique attribute, and Jotaro’s Star Platinum still has the capability to stop time very briefly. When Joseph Joestar was trying to find Josuke, he used his Stand to try and photograph where Josuke was but was getting pictures of another Stand user instead.

Upon leaving the school to meet up with Jotaro, there was police going by and Josuke decides to find out what the fuss is all about and makes it to a convenience store that’s being robbed. The culprit inside starts to head out and yells at everyone to move away from the car, with a girl as his hostage and a knife to her throat. As Josuke is about to move away, the culprit calls Josuke’s hair stupid, and he flips out. Again. As Josuke defeats him, the criminal opens his mouth and spews out what looks to be another Stand that speaks to him. Now that Josuke has ruined the fun that this Stand user was having by possessing some guy off the street to do horrible things, and he is surprised to see that Josuke is another Stand user and threatens that he’ll be watching him, constantly. Josuke goes to contact Jotaro immediately afterwards about the new Stand user.

Jotaro is one step closer to finding the new Stand user that he set out to find, but it’s been over a decade since he had his fight with Dio. Josuke has now made himself a target for this new Stand user, and may have started on an adventure that he wasn’t expecting.

Anyone who loves anime has heard of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s a long running manga with several parts of the series being adapted into anime, most recently being Stardust Crusaders. I found it to be a really crazy series to follow, but I end up going back to every new season and it just keeps me engaged. I always get drawn into series that have very colourful art styles or intelligent outcomes to fights that keep you guessing, and it’s no wonder that I’d get involved with this series. There is always great animation, though there isn’t any depth to many of the fights like you’d find in a series like Fate/Stay Night and Unlimited Blade Works, the colours change and vary constantly. It’s a form of emphasis to the sudden change of the fights when someone gets an upper hand that they shift tones and colours. Plus, all the crazy yelling and shouting they do in the show is worth a good laugh here and there.

Anyone who hasn’t yet had a chance to invest in the series should not be off put by jumping in so late either. There are some ties and references to the old plots from the previous chapters, but they usually don’t tie in far enough that you’ll be completely lost and wondering what’s going on. I had actually started in Stardust Crusaders and was intrigued by the show enough that I stopped watching it and returned to the original two series before finishing Stardust Crusaders. They’ve even remade the first two series and all of them air on Crunchyroll here.

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