Anime at a Glance: Izetta: The Last Witch

A young girl races through the woods with her dog back to her cabin and sees a mysterious shining light float past her. Another goes by, and shortly, a few more go past. Following them she hears a girl’s gentle singing. Swarmed by lights and song she gets to a lake where a crimson haired girl is floating above the water on a long stick, surrounded by hundreds of small floating lights, almost formed as crystals.

“Lady Finé.”

The girl wakes up aboard a train, a woman now rather than a girl, with her escorts. They watch as soldiers, with a photograph in hand, are searching other passengers looking for someone. She gets up and they make their way towards the rear of the car to avoid the soldiers. Their obvious attempt to leave is noticed by one of the soldiers, and they begin to chase. The soldiers are stopped by their Germanian officer in a hall, giving them a chance to gain some distance. They stop when the guards have given up chase and see another guard ahead of them. Finé points towards their escape; the window. As they get up on the train, they begin moving to the rear of the train again to avoid guards and come under fire.

“The meeting with the ambassador is tomorrow, I must make it before then to spur the allies into action.”

Slipping off, she’s caught by her escort and they go into the side of the train car to escape the gun fire. Investigating her new surroundings, she fines a mysterious container, large enough for a human. It’s dark and cold inside and she starts to unlatch it as the officer comes up behind them, taking them by surprise. Tobias pops around some boxes to take a shot and gets shot by the officer. The train heads into a tunnel during their stalemate. This gives Finé a moment to go to the opposite side of the car in the dark with the train smoke coming in the window, providing cover. She unlatches the door and slides it open as they exit the tunnel and jump off the cliff into a lake below on the edge of a town.

They take refuge in the town at an inn, loyal to her country Elystadt’s, to rest for the night and get ready to meet the ambassador of Britannia. In the streets, the Germanian officer is traveling through with a cargo truck with the previous mechanical container, on the way to transport the cargo by air as the partial opening of the chamber compromised its containment.

Finé meets with the ambassador in an opera hall in a private seat to discuss the arrangements for supporting Elystadt when soldiers from Germania burst in. Arresting Finé, the Princess of Elystadt, they take her to a small cargo plane to bring her back to the empire as a political prisoner for the war between their nations. Passing around some veiled threats towards the Princess, none of the soldiers notice the return of several small crystalline lights entering the ship and beginning to congregate under the container. A large mass of the lights pass through the plane’s propellers and cause them to jam up, sending the plane into a free fall. Finé takes advantage of the situation, with the officer floated towards the roof of the plane, she shoves off the bench she was sitting on and tackles him into the ceiling. As the plane begins to level out and the container begins to open, she falls to the ground and scatters to grab his gun. As she aims the gun at the officer and goes to arm the hammer, a soldier quickly shoots her arm, causing her to drop the gun.

A girl awakens in the coffin and watches out as Finé stands in front of her, flashing back to a memory as a child, she bursts open the door with her magic and stands up.

“Izetta?! It can’t be…”

Finé collapses and Izetta spots the gunshot wound to her arm, bursting her magic outward, breaking the plane apart with a shrill scream. Izetta grabs a nearby rifle in free fall, imbues it with magic and hops onto it in place of a broom. She soars down to catch Finé as she falls, and they take shelter from debris beneath the trees in the forest. The two friends, re-united after so many years, must safely make it back to Elystadt’s capital so that Finé can be treated for her injury.

I have a soft spot with any shows featuring magic or special powers involved, as many who love anime probably do. Izetta the Last Witch has a colourful opening depiction of magic, and it seems once she touches an object she can empower and manipulate it at will. Although I think one of the most unusual aspects of the show is that Izetta follows part of the stereotype of a witch by enchanting an item to ride and fly upon. It’s only befitting that an alternate history of World War 2 would have her riding some sort of anti-tank rifle instead of a broom, but it’s not exactly the first image you’d have of a witch. That bizarre twist is one of the first things I saw in the preview images for the show and is the reason I decided to give it a try.

I’m very interested to see if the Germanian Empire will figure out how to counter Izetta’s powers, and I’m expecting to see Izetta unleash an incredible display of magical potential. Although the latter will probably only happen to protect Finé and, despite explaining the limitations of her power in the early episodes, she will probably surpass the potential other witches had in some way. The one officer from the beginning of the series may be the first to figuring out her weakness as well judging from the first few episodes.

Izetta: The Last Witch is airing on Crunchyroll and will have a dubbed version airing through Funimation. It’s the first anime I’ve seen from the studio Aija-do Animation Works, but I’ve been very impressed with the show so far.

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