Anime at a Glance: Fuuka

The classic story of girl runs into boy, girl smashes boy’s phone because she thought he was taking a photo up her skirt afterwards.

This incident probably could have been avoided if Yuu Haruna hadn’t had his phone out the whole time in front of his face. It’s ironic that he’s glued to social media all the time yet he’s antisocial and ignores everyone around him. On a TV nearby there is a music video of his childhood friend, she made it big and he amounted to nothing. After looking up at it, he turns in response to a girl shouting.

“Get out of the way!”

He caught a quick glimpse of her running with a pair of red headphones on before she jumps over a barrier and lands straight into himAs she goes to sit up she sees his phone out and she assumes the worst of him, grabbing his phone, slamming it down into the ground and slapping him. She collects her stuff from the ground and runs off before he can get up after her hit. He opens his eyes from being smacked to the ground and sees a music CD staring him in the face, clearly left behind from his assailant.

While it sucks having to have his phone repaired, he heads to his school to check it out early the next day. Eventually making his way to the roof he takes a good picture of the surrounding vista. Thinking back to the girl he ran into, he was a little relieved he’d never see her again. Or so he thought, looking to his left and seeing her standing atop the roof to the stairs leading back into the building. Standing with the wind blowing through her short hair and red headphones, he ends up taking a quick picture of her in admiration. She turns and notices him a second later with his phone up again as a gust blows and she holds down her skirt, putting him in another situation where she can assume the worst of him. Confronting him she aims to get his phone away to see if he’s some sort of pervert taking up skirt photos, and he realizes the recent picture might prove her right. Inadvertently she ends up knocking the phone out of his hand and off the roof.

He rushes down to the school grounds to find the loaner phone the repair shop gave him, only to be joined by her a few minutes later. He decides to give up a little while later and takes the opportunity to return her music CD to her, despite everything she’s done to him so far.

The next day he sees another student getting rough with this same girl in the schoolyard and he can’t help but come in and try to stand up for her. The guy takes his hand off her arm and explains, “Oh, I’m from the track team, I’m really just trying to recruit her. Her dad placed Silver in world track tournaments.” Excusing himself and with some embarrassing ranting, which he thought was private, a few minutes later she appears and gives him back his lost loaner phone. “You stayed and looked for my phone after I left?”

She replied, “You returned my CD. Also, my name is Fuuka Akitsuki, stop calling me ‘you’ okay?”

Fuuka is a relatively straightforward show. Only a few episodes in I’m mostly just hoping that the show strays from the usual high school drama/romance where the two people don’t acknowledge their feelings for one another for the entire series until the end. I’d like to see them develop their relationship sooner, rather than later, though I doubt we’ll see much of it based on the childhood friend coming back into play. There’s always simple misunderstandings there that get blown out of proportion and prevents them from admitting their feelings for each other.

Given the atmosphere and chemistry between the characters so far, I’ll probably enjoy it until the end of the season. Made by Studio Diomedea, I did enjoy a previous show from the same studio with an absurdly long name, “My Mental Choices Are Interfering with My High School Romantic Comedy.” Though names like this can be pretty much ‘par for the course’ when it comes to anime. There are a few scenes in the show so far that might push it passed the teen rating in the first episode, in my opinion, and is relatively safe to watch for the teen audience otherwise.

Currently airing on Crunchyroll, you can catch it on Fridays.

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