Anime at a Glance: Final Fantasy XV – Brotherhood

Noctis lays at the feet of a monster in a pool of blood. Some of it is his own, some appears to belong to his mother. Just as the monster prepares to strike, a few blades fly across and slash the monster to divert it’s attention. Guards surround the monster as a prominent figure approaches Noctis and his eyes close.

He wakes up from his dream, much later in his life, as he looks around to see his friends in the car with him. Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto are accompanying him to see his soon-to-be wife, Lunafreya, on a road trip across the country. As they pull over and sit down to eat in a diner, news of the attack on their imperial city has spread over the television talking of the death of the Royal Family. Knowing this, they keep their heads low and head out quickly after eating as they spotted a flying transport of mechanical soldiers. They set off back on the road and try to avoid the troops, ending up in a fight shortly afterwards at a blockade on the road with the mechanical soldiers. Amidst the fight, a second ship with reinforcements comes in and the Lamia that originally had attacked Noctis as a child appears from a container.

With the release of Final Fantasy XV just around the corner, though slightly delayed unfortunately, we’ll be able to finally begin the journey into a new world of Final Fantasy. Square-Enix, obviously anticipating greatness, has also released a short series of anime episodes that appears to be based around the lives and pasts of each character that travels with your main character, Noctis. For any regular player it’s not really necessary to take a look at the episodes, but for those who want to go and get a good feel of who is joining you on your adventure through the world of Eos, then I definitely recommend taking a look.

The episodes so far detail the lives of Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis in their service to the king and Noctis leading up to what brought them together. Prompto as a childhood friend, Gladio as the strict combat training instructor, and Ignis as mostly a caretaker but happens to also be a tactician. It adds some extra depth to the characters we may not see in the game, so it’s a very welcome addition to the Final Fantasy universe. The last film or show I watched for Final Fantasy was Advent Children and, prior to that, The Last Order. While the episodes of Brotherhood are shorter than the average Television show length, between 11 and 17 minutes in length for each episode, it has focused entirely on developing just the story it needs to for each episode and doing a great job of it.

So if the delay for Final Fantasy XV has been disappointing news to hear, relax and watch a few short anime episodes about its characters in the mean time, as they’re free to watch on YouTube at any time. Hopefully we’ll see another couple before the launch of the game as well.

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