Anime at a Glance: Engaged to the Unidentified

Your 16th birthday only comes once in your life, and for Yonomori Kobeni it felt like a really special day all while being a completely average morning. She wakes up and her overly enthusiastic older sister Benio, with a little sister complex, has prepared a large birthday cake to celebrate the start of her birthday. After spending a few minutes doting on her little sister, Benio is interrupted by their mother Akane who informs them that Kobeni is actually engaged. In fact, her fiance has been in the room the entire time and they never even noticed him. As their mother is explaining that their grandpa had this marriage arranged with Mitsumine Hakuya, the doorbell rings and his little sister Mashiro is standing right outside. Kobeni didn’t think that turning 16 would be this eventful at all, and especially not right away.

As Kobeni is trying to absorb everything she makes it clear that she is against the arranged marriage and has a small breakdown realizing that her entire meal plan for the rest of the week is now ruined since they have to feed two more people now. Hakuya has barely said more than a few words regarding the whole incident but takes it upon himself to help her with the shopping. He has known since he was a kid that he was going to be married to her, so he accepted the marriage very early on, his only concern is to be a good fiance for her.

Kobeni’s life is going to continue to get even more interesting as Benio has a new little sister to adore, her friends inevitably find out that she not only has a fiance now but he is living with her family, and that the entire Mistumine family has a secret.

The series after the first few episodes is pretty straightforward; it’s your energetic slice-of-life drama with some romantic comedy thrown in. One of the most refreshing things is that there isn’t really any episodes consisting of lots of the usual anime fan service. The opening theme to the show, if you ever try watching them like I do, has all of the fan service so that it doesn’t need to be in all of the episodes I suppose. Beyond that, the plot of the series kept me watching throughout the season to the point that I had actually binge-watched the entire show on an afternoon off. Kobeni is the usual shy, quirky girl that cooks and does all the family’s housework while attending High School while Hakuya is a really simple guy that is pretty socially awkward and has a habit of being very honest. He doesn’t really grasp a lot of things that Kobeni is bothered by and he never gets offended by anything she’s blurts out, so it leads to some interesting interactions. Part of the comedy does come from Benio and her little sister complex being generally ignored by Kobeni and reviled by Mashiro though.

The studio behind the show is Dogakobo and it was licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America. It still airs on Crunchyroll for those of you interested in checking in out.

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