Anime at a Glance: Charlotte

Yuu Otosaka is going through his normal high school life, until he finds out that he has the ability to possess peopleCharlotte02 for a few seconds at a time when he has eye contact with them. The best thing is, the people he takes control of have no idea what he does, so he gets away with everything without anyone knowing about it. Cheating on tests, having jocks beat themselves up, peeking in the girl’s locker room, and generally causing trouble is what he quickly adapts to with his special power. Until his excessive hike in grades catches everyone’s attention and he gets caught having to re-write his test by Nao Tomori, a student from another school that video tapes him in the middle of using his powers. She gives him an option, he either has to transfer to her school and join her student council or he continue to abuse his ability and get caught by a lab and experimented on to try and extract his ability. It’ll end up being the worst several years of his life. Beyond that, she can guarantee that no one will find out about his ability if he attends the school and listens to her, as the entire school is filled with students that also have abilities. The reason for the facility being a school is because the abilities only reside in kids and go away once their bodies mature past puberty. The decision is made much easier when Yuu finds out his younger sister could develop an ability as well, and they can protect her from the same fate, as well as being taken care of with food and shelter for both of them.

Charlotte03On the first day Yuu wakes up and is greeted by his cheerful sister making him breakfast. A rice omelette with their family’s signature pizza sauce. Yuu eats his sister’s breakfast despite it’s odd combination of flavors and heads off to school to find Nao, and to find out what his job on the council is, and meet the rest of the students helping him. As he meets the next member of the student council, Jojiro Takajo, he finds out that most powers have flaws with how they work. It’s also worth mentioning that Yuu’s possession ability means his body is left exposed as though he isn’t there. Nao has the ability to turn invisible but only to one person at a time, and Jojiro can travel at extreme speeds, and is referred to as teleportation, but cannot control where he stops.  His new task is to assist them in finding people with abilities sprouting up around Tokyo and helping them keep their powers secret. Their adventures in locating people’s powers begin as Nao also uses this as a chance to rehabilitate Yuu from his badCharlotte01 habits.

Charlotte starts off the first couple episodes by developing the main concepts behind the story and giving you an idea of what kind of people the main characters are before diving into the the concept behind what spawns the powers in human beings. It started off being completely goofy and took a large twist midway through that shifted the tone of the rest of the series, sort of a story bait-and-switch. The studio behind this series was PA Works and licensed by Aniplex of America.

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