Anime at a Glance: Bubuki/Buranki

Kazuki Azuma was living his young life with his family on an island referred to as ‘Treasure Island’ by his mother, Migiwa. The island was home to dormant and sleeping robotic creatures known as Buranki and his mother was basically the caretaker of the island. Making sure the Buranki didn’t wake up or fall from the island, using her own Buranki named Oubu. Azuma’s sister, Kaoruko, was determined to one day take over for their mother as the caretaker, and went to activate Oubu and prove she could control it, but this caused all the Buranki to start waking up. In a last ditch effort, Migiwa puts the two children and their father into Oubu to protect them and sends them back to earth.

bubuki-buranki-episode-one-screenshot-0210 years later, Azuma comes back to Tokyo and gets arrested for being a Bubuki user, but he has no idea what a Bubuki is. During his interrogation the officers are trying to get him to reveal the location of the Heart of Oubu, and they start telling him that his mother was a witch. While they try to search him for the presence of a Bubuki the floor seemingly melts inwards and a mechanical right hand with an eye, covered in flowers, shows up and knocks them all unconscious. A childhood friend named Asabuki Kogane comes out from the hole in the floor and leads him out saying that she’s freeing him to meet someone that can help him get back to his mother. During the escape they run into Nono Hiiragi, Taneomi Shizuru, and Ogi Kinoa, who help them escape to find Oubu as Kogane had promised. Only to get ambushed by soldiers throughout the way and eventually running into a few adult Bubuki users. They make their way to the ruins of an old part of the city that’s been destroyed and find a hidden cave where Oubu had been, only to find that only the skeleton of the once great mechanical body remaining.

Once the adult Bubuki user, Matobai Shuusaku, catches up to them the find out that Oubu’s ‘Heart’ component had been inside of Azuma the whole time. It activates to protect him from a fatal attack and the four other’s Bubuki start to react and resonate with each other. As it turns out their Bubuki were the Arms and Legs of the once great Oubu and they return to their original great form to make an escape for Treasure Island, only to be stopped by Migiwa’s old nemesis Banryuu Reoko and her own Buranki. All the while Azuma is trying to play catch up to what a Bubuki user is, how he’s going to return to his mother after 10 years, and if she is even still alive.

This show uses an art style very similar to a few other shows like Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Knights of Sidonia, and GOD EATERBubukiBuranki03 where it almost looks like a 3D Computer Generated design, and it continuously keeps action rolling with fights between the Bubuki users in the show. I might be the only one that got a little confused by the names of the creatures, or machines, labeled as Bubuki and Buranki because the names are pretty similar. Bubuki are the smaller versions of the sentient mechanical life forms that represent the greater form of a Buranki, and the Bubuki are bound to a master that they serve. It hasn’t explained a lot of the reasons for this in the show yet, but it does give a lot more depth to the storyline behind what is happening in the world and why the kids are such a high priority target for a military force. The only thing that bothers me is that Azuma was brought down from ‘Treasure Island’, which is apparently way in the outer atmosphere of the planet, with his father and sister, but they are both gone and no one seems to mention their existence at all 10 years later. Azuma and his mother, Migiwa, are the only two relevant people in the plot within the first few episodes.

Overall the show is pretty well animated and keeps me interested week after week so far with what’s happening, so I definitely recommend checking it out on Crunchyroll.

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