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Anime at a Glance: Alderamin on the Sky

“I came to take you from this land with no future.”

Resting peacefully in a hammock in the trees, Ikta Solork gets down from the hammock as his friend Yatorishino Igsem, or Yatori, passes by with some colleagues. As they depart on a ship for Yatori’s high-level officer exam, they discuss Ikta taking the exam on her behalf so she can pass at the top of the class as most Igsem family members have.

While setting up in a room on the ship, they are introduced to Matthew Tetdrich, Haroma Becker, and Torway Remion. Ikta immediately starts to flirt with Haroma before being stopped by Yatori, who warns Haroma that Ikta is a bit of a womanizer. Torway is nearly attacked by Ikta as he is another attractive male before being stopped again by Yatori. Though Matthew is proud of his family name, no one seems to recognize them at all.

Once all the introductions are over with they all settle in for a long ride and begin playing chess. A little way through the game a noise is heard outside, a young girl stands up, apologizes and runs off. It seems odd since there are no civilians on the military ship. During their speculation as to her identity, the ship rocks sharply, throwing the lantern off the table and going out. They notice water starting to run under the door and they quickly gather their things and head out to a life boat. As they are lowered to the water the young girl appears on the deck and falls overboard. Ikta has his spirit of light show him where she is in the water and dives in to rescue her.

The girl awakes resting in Haroma’s arms, it’s night and they’re resting in a cave by a fire for warmth. Yatori and Matthew kneel as they address her as the Princess. They spend the following day setting up a temporary camp and scouting where they are to establish a direction home. They find a military crossing at the border to their home under the Kioka military’s control, their enemy. After a discussion on what they plan for getting back home, they rest for the night. The Princess wakes up, unable to hold in her biological urges anymore and goes out of the cave to the forest to relieve herself. A few scouts hear her and begin to approach when Ikta appears by her, drawing their attention.

This begins the story of Ikta Solork, who would be known later as the “Invincible Lazy General.”

This series has several things that I immediately enjoyed about it from the first episode I watched. First thing is that it’s made by Madhouse, who also did other notable shows like Hunter X Hunter, No Game No Life, One Punch Man, and many others that are widely renowned. The second is that Ikta Solork as a character heavily resembles Sora from the aforementioned “No Game No Life” series as a womanizing, lazy, genius strategist. I couldn’t tell you why I enjoy this character type so much exactly. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have a filter for what he says to anyone, or that he believes entirely in a scientific method in a time when everyone has their own personal Spirit to aid in harnessing elements. Lastly, the quality of the series is amazing from the voice actors to the animation.

Ikta is also a protagonist that earns his name entirely by doing something that he doesn’t even want to do. He’s not interested in being a soldier or a knight of any kind in the military, but his fate becomes fairly set in stone right after the first episode. Knowledge ends up being the only power he needs to get by as he possesses no skill at fighting, and is complimented in this regard very heavily by his friendship with Yatori. She makes an incredibly supporting main character to Ikta as she is his opposite. Born and bread to be a high class soldier to guard royalty, she has trained her whole life to be a Knight for the royal family.

You can catch the show on Crunchyroll on Fridays.

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