Review: Templar Battleforce (Android)

My experience with the Warhammer series has been very minimal. I never played with the toys or models, or dabbled in the Games Workshop products at all. Anything that I have been introduced to, or stumbled upon myself, has been the video games. While Templar Battleforce is not tied in any which way to the Games Workshop series, it feels very much like it should.

CFvNV4tVAAApCb0The Trese Brothers are a small development team that while not in any way mainstream, they do have a growing community towards their games. Heroes of Steel and Space Traders are among the most well known of their titles. I also see on many fan videos on Youtube that the Trese Brothers often comment and compliment a lot of the videos by their community. It is fantastic to see a developer take the time to really reach out to their fan base as much as these guys do.

The Templars are an order of Knights that protect the last of the Free humans, known as the Star Traders. They slaughter their enemy wearing the Leviathan Battle mech. The Templars, in birth are encoded with the memories of their ancestors. This is known as the Templar’s Lineage. When humanity is attacked, the Knights will stop at nothing to win.

Templar Battleforce, pays homage to Warhammer in spades. The Leviathan mech suits that your characters are outfitted with look straight out of Games Workshop, as do the weapons you have at your disposal. Swords and Guns are your most used items to unleash your fury to save the galaxy.

Don’t let its mobile version fool you, this is a long game. I’m used to mobile games taking just a few hours to complete, let alone over a week and a half. In the some 40+ missions, you’ll find that this title definitely gives you some bang for your buck.

I’m usually not one for turn based mechanics, but this game starts to grow on you. I really am impressed with how much this Battlefront-2015-05-20-17-20-34-60game lets you customize your soldiers. You can rename them, change their overall look, and respec them to suit your needs. When a character you’ve named is about to die after spending the last 8 or 9 hours with them, it really makes you want to take your time and make sure your whole team makes it out alive.

The game is very similar to other titles of its ilk, like for example, X-Com. You have an overview of the battlegrounds and move your soldiers around one at a time. Each solider has a variety of skills and attacks that use up a point system. Once you use up those points, then that soldiers turn is over. Your soldiers mainly have attacks that consist of getting right up in the enemies face, or attacking them from afar. You’ll have roles opened up to you later on that allow you to customize them further and tailor them to your overall play style.

Customization is insane when it comes to what you have open to you. You’ll start with character classes such as a basic solider, to a captain and technicians. As you work your way through the skill tree, you’ll unlock titles like Hydra, Paladin, Scouts, Berserk and a few more. When you take a quick glance at the skill tree and the options open to you, it can get a little intimidating. Spend your skill points wisely as you won’t be able to explore all the choices given to you. This also makes it so no one person can have the same overall experience in this game as someone else.

desert-2As you work your way around the battlefield, which allows for a variety of terrain, you’ll capture nodes. These nodes, when under your protection, grant you resource points that you use to recruit more units to the field. You can lose a node to enemy forces if it takes too much damage. I’ve had entire forces decimated because of a few sloppy mistakes, so making sure you take your time on a strategy is crucial.

In one of the earlier missions you are told to split up your team to have one team control a node while you go and attempt to secure the one up ahead. This mechanic is used plenty of times throughout the game and can make for some tense moments. Most areas are set up to allow for a good use of cover and in some cases, forcing enemies to bottleneck up for an easy kill.

Environments are very basic, but match the look of the characters well. Nothing really stands out as impressive, but it serves its purpose well enough. Some areas as you approach them just scream ambush, and sure enough, that ambush will happen. You can pinch zoom on mobile devices to zoom in or out to get a better look at your forces in play.

As you go through each mission and attempt to conquer it in the quickest way possible, you’ll earn mission points. You’ll use these to level up their stats and skills and just make them a better solider overall. Some of the skills you can improve are things such as:

  • Fortitude
  • Willpower
  • Focus
  • Strength
  • Quickness
  • Gunnery
  • Tactics
  • Evasion
  • Grenades
  • Warrior

Enemies in the game offer very little variety, as they tend to somewhat act the same in their thinking. I counted over 20 different units. There are a few bosses in the game that shake things up a bit and they are pretty fun, I just wish there were more of them.ta2

The story is on par with coming across as a sort of Warhammer fan fiction and the dialogue can be cringe worthy at times. It does tend to grow on you, but can get just flat out bad in some missions. I will give them credit as the amount of fiction they created for this title is staggering. I just wish it was more original as most of the concepts I have seen elsewhere.

I did have some fun with this title, but I more than likely won’t return to it. I can see the appeal these types of games have and the reason the community is so strong for this genre. While the game literally oozes from Warhammer comparisons, it does play well and the customization you get with your forces is amazing. If you like turn based games that have a very retro look, or just like Warhammer-like games, then Templar Battleforce just might be right up your alley.

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