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Hardware Review: Nefil Pro Mesh Office Chair – An Adventure in Comfort

Hardware Review: Nefil Pro Mesh Office Chair – An Adventure in Comfort
Game Name: Nefil Pro Mesh Office Chair

I have something important to tell you, so I need you to sit down.

Are you sitting?  Good.

Now look at what you are sitting on.  Whether it is a desk chair, a sofa, or a park bench, we sit…a lot.  While gaming, being comfortable while sitting is important, especially if you are like me, and a mostly PC-gamer, a comfortable desk chair is a must, but not only for comfort, but for health reasons.

Posture suffers if your chair is garbage.  We’ve all had sore backs after gaming, sometimes even sore knees or hips.  A good chair is important to help prevent this pain, but also to help maintain good and proper posture while you sit at your gaming PC.  For console/couch gaming, the situation is different.  Couch/sofa’s allow you to sit some-what comfortably, but they are not always the best, and most people tend to lean forward with their elbows resting on their knees.  I covered a review on the GlomTom last year, as a excellent way to deal with this.  Maybe if you have not seen it click the link and check it out.

Now for most people, money is always a factor when shopping for a desk chair.  I know this was the #1 issue I was struggling with when in the market for a chair.  Let me start by describing my previous chairs.  I had 2 chairs that I switched between over a period of 2 to 3 years.  I had what you would call a standard office chair.  It was hard wood base and back-rest, with fabric covering everything.  It was a few years old, so most of the padding in the seat was compressed permanently.  The arm-rests had almost no padding left, and on the edges you could feel the wood base.  It was comfortable, but only had the ability to raise/lower or tilt, which is pretty standard for all chairs.  My other chair was one of those kneeling chairs, where you kind of sit with your legs more sloped, so most of your weight is on your knees and butt.  This chair is great to keep your posture proper, but gets tiring on your knees after long periods of time.

Every year after going to PAX, I am in love with the specific gaming chairs they show off there at almost every booth.  The DxRacers or Maxnomic chairs that they try to cater to Gamers.  Watch any Twitch/YouTube streamer and chances are they will have one of these chairs.  There is a reason for this, and that is that these chairs are great, and very comfortable.  They hold you well, have lots of features, and can tilt and move in pretty much any direction in order to keep you comfortable.  The main downside to these chairs is price.  Most of these chairs start on the high side of $350 USD and go up from there.  If you live outside the USA, then add on another $100 USD for shipping, because that is what it will be.  As much as I like these chairs, spending  upwards of $400 USD is a no-go.  I live in Canada, and with the currency exchange being what it is, $600 CAN for a chair is a bit outside my budget.

So with the DxRacers out of the picture, I needed to look at something a little more local.  Local doesn’t leave much for choice, but there are always several office supply stores to choose from.  We have the usual stores like Staples, Wal-Mart and Costco, which all sell office furniture, with Staples having the largest selection.  After shopping around Staples looked like it was going to have more of what I looking for.

The Staples website has an enormous selection of chairs, even more than the physical stores, but the problem with ordering something like a chair off the website, is you can’t try it out, you can’t sit in it and see if it is right for you.  If you do order one and it isn’t then you  have to lug it back to the store and return it or exchange for something else.  A major pain in the ass.  If I had originally ordered a DxRacer, it would make the process even worse, as most of those suppliers charge a restocking fee if the chair isn’t a right fit.

So with my choices narrowed down to shopping in store, and a price range of about $300 CAN I set out to my local Staples store to try on a few chairs, to see what I liked.  I originally did browse the Staples website, and had a few choices in mind, all of which were listed as being ‘in store’ and somewhat matching the comfort of the DxRacer (in looks only) so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.   Upon entering the store, and spending a good 30 minutes on this visit browsing chairs, testing them out, I had mostly settled on a leather high back managers style chair with a head-rest.  It was very sturdy and comfortable, and the price was perfect, coming in at about $289 CAN.  I went home and thought about it for about a week.  Planning and seeing if it was the one I really wanted.  I went back to the store again, and this time took Tali with me in order to get her opinion to see what she thought, since she shares my desk a little we would both need to be comfortable.  She liked my choice, but due to our budget, I would have to wait a little longer.

When the time came to get the chair, I went later one evening to go pick it up.  I had done my research, looked at reviews, comparable and firmly decided on this chair.  I went to the store, tested out the display one last time, and made my choice.  I was smiling inside when I asked the sales associate to grab the box.   Problem was, that even though the website listed that the store had about 3 of them in stock, including the display, the store associate couldn’t find it.  I was waiting 45 minutes while he scrambled from the terminal to the stockroom repeatedly.  This gave me time to reflect on my plan, and come up with a back up since it was looking less likely that I would be getting this chair.  As fate would have it, they couldn’t find it, but they could order it for me.  A decent solution, but something better had come along.

While waiting for the sales associate to find that chair, I stumbled upon a green, mesh office chair that seemed intriguing.  You know when you try something, and it just fits right?  Well this happened when I sat in this chair.  It just felt right.  It had a mostly metal frame, with the odd plastic item.  The base was wide and sturdy, made out of aluminum, and the casters rolled smoothly along the floor.  The chair had lumbar support, seat tilt controls that allow it to tilt almost all the way to a horizontal position, and the arm-rests swiveled in/out, moved sideways and forward/backward.  This chair had everything but a head-rest.  After trying this one out, I went back to my original choice, and it just didn’t feel right.  That wasn’t the chair for me, the green one was.  Major draw back here was the green one was on clearance, and they only had the demo model.  It was also slightly above my budget amount of $300, coming in at about $340.  OK, so I called Tali and we discussed my options.  Her always wise thought process said wait a week, and if the green one was still there then get it, otherwise get the first choice.

Well a week later, and after scrounging up the additional funds, the chair was still there, and it was mine.  I can’t remember being more excited for an office chair before.  It has been 3 months since I purchased this chair in November, and I have never once regretted getting it.  As much as a DxRacer or Maxnomic chair would have been nice, I think this chair was the best choice for me.   The mesh seat and back are comfortable, and with no wood base to sit on, there is never any need for padding to wear out.  The arm-rests are comfortable, and can be positioned basically any way you feel, and the tilt control is also great, with an excellent tension-er allowing you to tighten it so you don’t accidentally tilt back.  The added lumbar support makes my back very happy.  This chair was an excellent purchase.


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