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Xbox One Game Preview Program Offers Gamers Opportunity to Preview and Play Exciting New Games Prior to Final Release

Happy Dungeons Logo

Toylogic Inc., a prominent game developer based in Tokyo, has today announced the release of the second title, in its imaginative series of “Happy” games, with Happy Dungeons for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.  Sibling to the incredibly popular Xbox 360 and Xbox One hit Happy Wars, the first ever free-to-play game released on Xbox 360 in 2012, Happy Dungeons is a whimsical, vibrant, and wacky dungeon crawler, also free-to-play that offers plenty of action, adventure and loot, but never takes itself too seriously.  Happy Dungeons is now available exclusively for Xbox One.

“Happy Wars was played by millions of people and remains popular even today proving that even hardcore game genres can be appealing to all manner of players with the right blend of excitement, fun and accessibility, we’ve spent the last three years improving on that formula with Happy Dungeons. Our single priority is to challenge ourselves as creators technically and in the pure spirit of fun.  We hope players will see that reflected in Happy Dungeons.” – Yoichi Take, President and Executive Director, Toylogic.

As an Xbox One Game Preview title, Happy Dungeons offers players the opportunity to play, test and provide feedback directly to Toylogic during the early stages of development.   Game Preview players will have a direct influence on the design of Happy Dungeons as they work with the development team to deliver a truly accessible game that is both exciting and fun.  Toylogic’s ongoing commitment to this level of community collaboration will be evidenced through the monthly releases of exciting new game modes, dungeons, customizable items and even powerful new bosses and monster classes.  In addition, players who participate during the Xbox One Game Preview period will be rewarded with exclusive items, including unique weapons only available during this program which will carry over to the final game, a special pack of Happy Cards that contains an epic item, bonus first aid kits as well as substitute souls.  Players will also be offered access to special discounts through a Founder’s Pack and other choice downloadable packs.

Cleric06_11 Enemies06_74 Enemies06_90 Enemies06_110

During this first preview stage for Happy Dungeons, players will already be treated to Toylogic’s robust gameplay vision with: 6 action-packed chapters, 30 challenging dungeons demanding to be “crawled,” three mighty character classes – the heavily armored Warrior, the mystical Mage and the medicinal Cleric;  various enemy races and types, including goblins, aliens and other comical humans; 45 different skills offering hundreds of customizable combinations and, more than 600 unique and powerful items that ensure hours of hacking and slashing fun.   Happy Dungeons also features multiplayer co-op gameplay with up to 4 players either online or on the couch locally with split screen play.

Happy Dungeons is available now as an Xbox One Game Preview title – the final game is targeted for release in late 2016.  For more information about Happy Dungeons visit

About Toylogic

Toylogic was founded on two principles “Toy” and “Logic”.  The Company was born in the spirit of creating “Enjoyment, Surprise and Impression”. Inspired by the quest for technologies and passion for creation, the company offers a wide variety of entertainment across all genres through breathtaking spectacle images, heartwarming stories and exciting new games that can be played by families, friends and gamers of all ages and from all around the world.

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