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World of Tanks Blitz coming to Windows 10

Wargaming is pleased to announce that World of Tanks Blitz will be coming to Windows 10! Designed to take advantage of cross-device gameplay functionality, this new version of Blitz will bring 7-vs-7 tank combat to Windows 10 mobile devices, tablets and PCs. The game will be optimized for a variety of Windows 10 devices, enabling mobile players to fight together on the same servers regardless of the platform—iOS, Android or Windows 10.

A variety of in-game interfaces and elements will also be reworked in World of Tanks Blitz on Windows 10 to ensure a true “cross-play” experience. Along with touch-screen controls for tablets and phones, World of Tanks Blitz is set to feature keyboard and mouse support for PC. Windows 10 PC players will have a separate matchmaking queue from mobile gamers, ensuring they have an equal chance of victory.


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